A Lullaby to Awaken the Heart - Praise

The Aspiration Prayer of Samantabhadra and Its Tibetan Commentaries

A key Dzogchen text—available together with its Tibetan commentaries, including from the fifteenth Karmapa—from a preeminent translator.



504 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9781614294979

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eBook Bundle (PDF, epub, mobi)


ISBN 9781614295174

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“Among translators, Brunnhölzl is unsurpassed in his knowledge of Tibetan and Sanskrit Buddhist literature. His deep practice experience brings the meaning and intent of texts to life. In A Lullaby to Awaken the Heart he brilliantly presents the teachings in The Aspiration Prayer of Samantabhadra, a gateway into the profundity of the Dzogchen teachings. Through pointing out our originally pure nature again and again, this book will make practitioners smile. Through its detailed explanations and meticulous documentation, it will make scholars rejoice.”

—Andy Karr, author of Contemplating Reality: A Practitioner's Guide to the View in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism

“Karl Brunnhölzl’s A Lullaby to Awaken the Heart is a rich and inspiring resource for the study and practice of The Aspiration Prayer of Samantabhadra, containing translations of commentaries by Jigmé Lingpa and the Fifteenth Karmapa as well as a multifaceted introduction. This masterfully translated, well-researched, and comprehensive volume on the most famous of Dzogchen aspiration prayers opens up for us the world of Samantabhadra: our primordial basic awareness.”

—Elizabeth M. Callahan, translator of The Profound Inner Principles