A Lamp to Illuminate the Five Stages - Table of Contents

Teachings on Guhyasamāja Tantra


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General Editor’s Preface     
Translator’s Introduction    
Technical Note          

A Lamp to Illuminate the Five Stages
Core Teachings on the Glorious Guhyasamāja, King of Tantras
1. Homage and Introduction           

Part 1. Divisions of Highest Yoga Tantra
2. The Two Types of Tantra
3. Specific Explanation of Guhyasamāja Method Tantra 
4. Praise of Guhyasamāja    
5. Commentarial Traditions

Part 2. The Path of Guhyasamāja
6. Training in the Guhyasamāja     
7. The Two Stages    
8. Explanation of Evāṃ and of Bliss and Emptiness        
9. The Necessity of Penetrating Vital Points on the Body

Part 3. The Divisions of the Completion Stage
10. The Core Instructions   
11. The Five Stages  

Part 4. Body Isolation
12. Identifying Body Isolation        
13. Types of Body Isolation 
14. How Body Isolation Is Incorporated into the Six Yogas         
15. The Practice of Body Isolation  

Part 5. Speech Isolation
16. Identifying Speech Isolation     
17. Divisions, Functions, and Movement of the Winds    
18. Significance of the Mantras      
19. Prāṇāyāma Meditations
20. Vajra Repetition 
21. Experiences in Prāṇāyāma Meditation     

Part 6. Mind Isolation
22. The Nature of Mind Isolation         
23. The Three Appearances and the Intrinsic Natures         

Part 7. The Conventional-Truth Illusory Body
24. Gaining Instructions on the Illusory Body 
25. Methods of Attaining the Illusory Body     
26. The Mixings  

Part 8. The Ultimate-Truth Clear Light
27. Stages of Attainment           
28. The Outer and Inner Mastery        
29. The Two Meditative Absorptions   
30. How the Path of Tantra Must Occur on the Sutra Path   
31. How Clear Light Is Incorporated into the Six Yogas         

Part 9. The Stage of Union
32. The Two Truths Inseparably Combined   
33. How the Stage of Union Fits into the Six Yogas    

Part 10. Tantric Activities
34. General Presentation of Activities  
35. Highest Yoga Tantra Activities
36. Rituals for the Three Activities
37. The Attainment of Complete Enlightenment
Colophon and Dedication

Table of Tibetan Transliteration
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