Keep Me In Your Heart A While - Praise

The Haunting Zen of Dainin Katagiri


160 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861715688

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ISBN 9780861719570

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“Dosho weaves together the biography of his teacher with his own life as his student in a way that perfectly illustrates how Zen is transmitted through the generations, mind to mind, across all the seemingly insurmountable barriers of time and cultural difference.”—Barry Magid, author of Ending the Pursuit of Happiness and Nothing Is Hidden

“The author generously sprinkles personal stories and Zen lore throughout this insightful book, laughing-sometimes through tears-at the perils and joys encountered by those who persevere along this ancient path. An insightful book.”—Bodhin Kjolhede, Abbot of the Rochester Zen Center

“A wonderful book—I highly recommend it.”—Nonin Chowaney, Abbot of the Nebraska Zen Center

“As Dogen Zenji said, Dharma teachers and disciples are like entwining of vines (katto in Japanese). Whether disciples are in the stage of faithfully following the teacher’s style of teaching and practice, of rebelliously trying to become independent from the teacher, or of being mature enough for going beyond, the teacher’s dharma always deeply penetrates the disciple. In this book Dosho Port offers one of the examples of continuation of Dharma from teacher to disciple, from the East to the West.”—Shohaku Okumura

“This is a lovely, lovely book that can be read fruitfully by both beginners and those who are deeply familiar with the Zen way. Dosho Port is a worthy heir to his teacher.”—James Ishmael Ford, abbot of Boundless Way Zen and author of Zen Master WHO? and If You’re Lucky, Your Heart Will Break