Introduction to the Lotus Sutra - Table of Contents

“An elegant historical, textual, and philosophical overview of what is arguably the most widely disseminated scripture of Mahayana Buddhism.”
—Mark Unno, editor of Buddhism and Psychotherapy



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Tamura’s Preface

I. Formation of the Lotus Sutra

1. Are Sutras the Words of the Buddha?

Some of the Wonders of Buddhism
Mahayana Buddhism is Not the Words of the Buddha
Return to Early Buddhism
The Meaning of the Words of the Buddha

2. The Process of Formation of the Lotus Sutra

Rise of Mahayana Buddhism
Formation of Mahayana Sutras
History of the Formation of the Lotus Sutra
Chinese Translations and Sanskrit Manuscripts of the Lotus Sutra

II. Ideas of the Lotus Sutra

3. Three Major Teachings in the Lotus Sutra

Appraisals of Lotus Ideas
The Unifying Truth of the Universe—The One Vehicle of the Wonderful Dharma
Everlasting Personal Life—The Everlasting Original Buddha
Human Action in this World—The Bodhisattva Way

4. The Development of Lotus Sutra Thought

The Genealogy of Lotus Sutra Thought
Lotus Sutra Thought in Tiantai
Lotus Sutra Thought in Nichiren

III. Lotus Sutra Practice Among Followers of Nichiren

5. Town Associations and Lotus Uprisings

6. The Martyrdom of the Fuju-fuse

7. Nationalist Faith among Modern Japanese Followers of Nichiren

8. Transnational Faith among Modern Japanese Followers of Nichiren

9. People-centered Faith—Socialist Followers of Nichiren