Introduction to the Lotus Sutra - Praise



208 pages, 6x9 inches


ISBN 9781614290803

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“Learned yet accessible, this Introduction to the Lotus Sutra provides an elegant historical, textual, and philosophical overview of key aspects of the background, translation, and development of lived communities centered around what is arguably the most widely disseminated scripture of Mahayana Buddhism.”
—Mark Unno, editor of Buddhism and Psychotherapy

“Tamura offers a gentle and reflective introduction the history of Buddhism, the substance of the Lotus, and the roles of its followers. His teaching nourishes us like the single flavor of the rain falling on all living beings.”
—Franz Metcalf, author of Being Buddha at Work

“Having developed a lifelong appreciation of the Lotus Sutra, Yoshiro Tamura is best qualified to explore the contents of this beloved work of Buddhist literature. Introduction to the Lotus Sutra grounds this ancient religious text in the real, workaday world, revealing its continued appeal across the ages.”
Eastern Horizon