Inspiring Courage - Praise

Through a broad scope of quotations, poems, and true-life stories, Inspiring Courage offers inspiration to help us authentically live life to the fullest, even against all odds.



200 pages, 8 x 8 inches


ISBN 9781614292616

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ISBN 9781614292883

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Inspiring Courage touches the heart and fills you with spirit.”—Jack Kornfield, author of A Path With Heart
“Barbara Bonner brings together stories, poems, and quotes about courage in a wonderful way that reveals the power, coherence and variety in our collective, indeed global, voices of courage. Inspiring Courage is an inspiration!”—Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness and Real Happiness
With verve and creativity, the author has come up with a dazzling collection . . . a treasure trove of inspirational contributions.”—Spirituality & Practice

“Once again, Barbara Bonner offers us the gift of inspiration in her new book Inspiring Courage with poems, stories, and compelling quotations that make us want to step into more courageous lives.”—Jeffrey C. Walker, Chairman, New Profit

“Courage is a timeless strength, and particularly relevant in these turbulent times. Barbara Bonner, once again, weaves together inspiring stories, poems and words of wisdom from a wide range of courageous beings.  This wonderful book uplifts the heart and helps us engage more passionately with our lives and the world.”—Joseph Goldstein, author of Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Awakening

“In this beautifully presented book, you will find illustrations of courage that enliven your own capacity to live, serve, savor and love without holding back.”—Tara Brach, author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge

“What does courage really mean?  Barbara Bonner’s stories and poems reveal aspects that will bring you to tears—and make you think.”—David Loy, author of A New Buddhist Path

“Since our ancient ancestors built altars to cave bears, many of us have searched for the inspiration to meet life with fearless courage. I am so grateful to Barbara Bonner for assembling this wonderful book. Filled with voices of wisdom, this book shows us how to engage and meet our lives with compassion. I love this beloved companion.”—Sensei Koshin Paley Ellison, co-Editor of Awake at the Bedside

Inspiring Courage is itself a fierce act of courage. t a time when we find the act of living authentically challenged, Barbara Bonner’s book calls us to stand firm and tap our innate courage to, above all, be ourselves.”—Jerry Colonna, CEO of and Chair of the Board of Trustees, Naropa University

“Lucky readers of Barbara Bonner’s new book Inspiring Courage will be immediately captivated. Reading it has reminded me how much we all desperately need inspiration and encouragement in order to live courageous lives. Inspiring Courage is food for the heart longing to live fully and exuberantly!”—Stephen Cope, Author of The Great Work of Your Life: A Guide for the Journey to Your True Calling