How Do Mādhyamikas Think? - Table of Contents

And Other Essays on the Buddhist Philosophy of the Middle

A respected professor of Buddhist philosophy brings readers on a fascinating journey through Buddhism’s most animating ideas.



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Madhyamaka’s Promise as Philosophy

1. Trying to Be Fair

2. How Far Can a Mādhyamika Reform Customary Truth? Dismal Relativism, Fictionalism, Easy-Easy Truth, and the Alternatives

Logic and Semantics

3. How Do Mādhyamikas Think? Notes on Jay Garfield, Graham Priest, and Paraconsistency

4. “How Do Mādhyamikas Think?” Revisited

5. Prasaṅga and Proof by Contradiction in Bhāviveka, Candrakīrti, and Dharmakīrti

6. Apoha Semantics: What Did Bhāviveka Have to Do with It?

7. What Happened to the Third and Fourth Lemmas in the Tibetan Madhyamaka?

Ethics and the Spiritual Path

8. Madhyamaka Buddhist Ethics

9. Reason, Irrationality, and Akrasia (Weakness of the Will) in Buddhism: Reflections upon Śāntideva’s Arguments with Himself

10. Yogic Perception, Meditation, and Enlightenment: The Epistemological Issues in a Key Debate between Madhyamaka and Chan

Madhyamaka in Contemporary Debates

11. On Minds, Dharmakīrti, and Madhyamaka

12. Serious, Lightweight, or Neither: Should Madhyamaka Go to Canberra?

Notes on the Articles
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