Himalayan Passages - Table of Contents

Tibetan and Newar Studies in Honor of Hubert Decleer

“The best new scholarship on the Himalayas.”
—Kurtis R. Schaeffer, chair, Religious Studies Department, University of Virginia



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Benjamin Bogin and Andrew Quintman

1. Places and Pilgrimage

Lowo Khenchen (1456–1532) and the Buddhist Pilgrimage to the Ārya Wati Zangpo
Franz-Karl Ehrhard

The Mural Paintings of the Svayambhūpurāṇa at the Shrine of Śāntipur, and Their Origins with Pratāpa Malla
Alexander von Rospatt

Redacting Sacred Landscape in Nepal: The Vicissitudes of Yolmo’s Tiger Cave Lion Fortress
Andrew Quintman

When Vehicles Collide: A Tibetan in Sri Lanka, 1941
Donald S. Lopez Jr.

2. Texts and Manuscripts

Some Text-Historical Issues with the Bodhicittavivaraṇa by a Nāgārjuna and the Tibetan Commentarial Literature
Leonard W. J. van der Kuijp

Lha luṅ dPal rdor’s “Soul Stone” at Yer pa—in Full View
Ernst Steinkellner

Preliminary Remarks on a Newly Discovered Biography of Nupchen Sangyé Yeshé
Jacob P. Dalton

The Excellent Path of Devotion: An Annotated Translation of Sera Khandro’s Short Autobiography
Sarah Jacoby

3. Ritual and Visual Traditions

Envisioning Durjayacandra’s Saptākṣarasādhana: On the Sources and Sponsors of a Twelfth-Century Painting of Seven-Syllabled Saṃvara
Iain Sinclair

Representing Mahācaitya Svayaṃbhū in Painting
Anne Vergati

Gods and Superheroes: Some Thoughts on Contemporary Tibetan Art
Kabir Mansingh Heimsath

4. Histories and Transmissions

Vanaratna and His Activities in Fifteenth-Century Nepal
Punya Prasad Parajuli

Epistles of Interdependence: Preliminary Reflections on the Fifth Dalai Lama’s Letters to Terdak Lingpa
Dominique Townsend

The Red and Yellow War: Dispatches from the Field
Benjamin Bogin