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Stories from Twenty-Five Centuries of Awakened Women


440 pages, 6 x 9 inches


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Foreword by Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Suggestions for How to Practice with The Hidden Lamp


I. Clapping Her Hands and Laughing: Stories of Seeking and Awakening

The Old Woman of Mount Wutai, Nancy Brown Hedgpeth
Anoja Seeks the Self, Sandy Boucher
Joko Beck and the Thought of Enlightenment, Peg Syverson
The Old Woman and the Pure Land, Emila Heller
Manseong’s No Cultivation, Barbara Rhodes
Bhadda-Kundalakesa Cannot Answer, Beth Kanji Goldring
Chiyono’s No Water, No Moon, Merle Kodo Boyd
Ohashi Awakens in a Brothel, Judith Randall
Seven Wise Women In the Charnel Ground, Bonnie Myotai Treace
Asan’s Rooster, Susan Murphy
The Old Woman’s Enlightenment, Shinge Roko Sherry Chayat
Qiyuan Gives Birth, Sunya Kjolhede
Chen’s Mountain Flowers, Joanna Macy
Ganji’s Family, Angie Boissevain
The Woman Lets It Be, Tamara Myoho Gabrysch
Awakening While Cooking, Viveka Chen
The Woman in Samadhi, Natalie Goldberg/Miriam Sagan
Yu Uses Her Full Strength, Kokyo Meg Porter Alexander
The Flower Hall on Buddha’s Birthday, Amala Wrightson
Sonin’s Shadeless Tree, Anita Feng
Linji Meets the Old Woman Driving an Ox, Myokaku Jane Schneider
Jiyu-Kennett’s Not Bigger, Not Smaller, Heila Downey
Jiaoan’s Sand in the Eye, Mary Mocine
Punnika and the Brahman’s Purification, Diana Winston
Nyozen’s Pale Moon of Dawn, Kuya Minogue

II. Bring Me a Mustard Seed: Being Human

The Old Woman Burns Down the Hermitage, Zenkei Blanche Hartman
Zhaozhou’s Deeply Secret Mind, Ikushin Dana Velden
Miaozong’s Dharma Interview, Soko Chris Fortin
Zhaozhou and the Old Woman’s Obstacles, Diane Eshin Rizzetto
Ryonen Scars Her Face, Wendy Egyoku Nakao
Vasumitra Teaches Freedom from Passion, Anne Seisen Saunders
Zongchi and Bodhidharma’s Flesh, Shosan Victoria Austin
Eshun’s Deep Thing, Karen Sundheim
The Zen Mirror of Tokeiji, Zenju Earthlyn Manuel
Yoshihime’s “Look, Look!“, Judith Simmer-Brown
The Old Woman, Zhaozhou, and the Tiger, Chi Kwang Sunim
Shotaku’s Paper Sword, Nancy Mujo Baker
Dipa Ma’s Fearless Daughters, Amita Schmidt
Maylie Scott Meets Loneliness, Diane Musho Hamilton
Yasodhara’s Path, Byakuren Judith Ragir
Bhadda Kapilani and Mahakassapa, Jacqueline Mandell
Ikkyu and Kannon’s Messenger, Mushim Patricia Ikeda
Ts’ing and Her Soul are Separated, Eijun Linda Ruth Cutts
Iron-Grindstone Liu’s Feast, Pat Enkyo O’Hara
The Old Woman Recognizes Mazu, Eido Frances Carney
Satsujo Overthrows Hakuin, Caitriona Reed
The Old Woman Steals Zhaozou’s Bamboo Shoots, Furyu Nancy Schroeder
The Old Woman’s Relatives, Zenshin Florence Caplow
Kisagotami’s Mustard Seed, Christina Feldman
Satsujo Weeps, Reigetsu Susan Moon
Ziyong’s Last Teaching, Myoshin Kate McCandless
Lingzhao Goes First, Catherine Genno Pages
Yuanji Knocks the Body Down, Melissa Myozen Blacker
Anne Aitken’s Get On and Go, Nancy Genshin Gabrysch
Permanence and Impermanence, Hilary Richards
Patacara’s Presence of Mind, Anna Prajna Douglas
Asan’s Dew Drop, Tonen Sara O’Connor

III. Why Do You Call Yourself a Woman? Words in the Midst of Wordlessness

The Goddess’s Transformations, Jan Chozen Bays
Soma Rebukes Mara, Barbara Joshin O’Hara
Ziyong’s Ship of Compassion, Daijaku Judith Kinst
Dogen Sets the Record Straight, Sobun Katherine Thanas
Mahapajapati Opens the Door, Thanissara
Changjingjin’s No Obstruction, Myokei Lynda Caine-Barrett
Moshan’s Mountain Summit, Shinshu Roberts
Miaozong’s Disappointment, Ursula Jarand
The Naga Princess’s Enlightenment, Anne Carolyn Klein (Rigzin Drolma)
Tara’s Vow, Rita M.Gross
Ziyong’s Earth, Eva Myonen Marko
Kongshi’s Bathhouse, Sallie Jiko Tisdale
Asan Claps Both Hands, Laurie Schely Senauke
Dongshan and the Old Woman’s Water Buckets, Mitra Bishop
Satsujo Sits on the Lotus Sutra, Rachel Mansfield-Howlett
The Old Woman’s Rice Cakes, Joan Halifax
Ling’s Question, Jo Potter
Kakuzan Shido’s Dagger, Laura del Valle
The Old Woman and Naropa, Karma Lekshe Tsomo
Lingzhao’s Shining Grasses, Jisho Warner
Qiyuan and the Lotus Sutra, Stephanie Kaza
Dieu Nhan’s Without Words, Eileen Kiera
Shiji Doesn’t Take Off Her Hat, Judith Roitman
Miaodao’s Falling Into the Hole, Layla Smith Bockhorst
Miaoxin’s Banner, Myoan Grace Schireson

IV. I Saw You Fall Down So I’m Helping: The Path of Practice

Lingzhao’s Helping, Joan Sutherland
Faxiang’s Recognition, Misha Shungen Merrill
Sujata’s Offering, Valerie Mason-John
Laywoman Pang’s Merit, Amy Hollowell
Punna’s Offering, Adrianne Ross
Khujjuttara Teaches the Dharma, Jean La Valley
The Old Woman’s Miraculous Powers, Mary Grace Orr
Bhikkhuni Kabilsingh Keeps the Precepts, Dhammananda
Uppalavanna and the Precepts, Thubten Chodron
Dipa Ma and The Thief, Heather Martin
The Goddess and the Flowers, Jan Willis
Sona’s Mother and the Thieves, Sylvia Boorstein
Maurine Stuart’s Whack, Gyokuko Carlson
Fish-Basket Kuan Yin, Jisan Tova Green
The Old Woman and the Fireplace Poker, Jane Hirshfield
Let’s Become Enlightened Together, Alexandra Porter
Darlene Cohen’s Skillful Means, Leslie James
Songyong Doesn’t Undress, Martine Batchelor

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