Heart of the Shin Buddhist Path - Table of Contents

A Life of Awakening


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Author’s Preface     
Translator’s Notes    

Part One: The Shin Buddhist Path
1: The Fundamental Principles of Buddhism     
    The Teachings of Gautama Buddha    
    Buddha’s Final Words    
    What Is the Buddha?    
    Aim of Buddhist Teaching    
    The Development of Buddhism       
    Buddhism after the Death of Gautama Buddha
    Renunciant Buddhism
    Householder Buddhism
    Formation of the Pure Land Teaching    
    Hōnen and the Pure Land Teaching    
2: The Pure Land Buddhist Path     
   Amida Buddha    
    Immortalization of Gautama Buddha    
    Amida Buddha as Symbol    
    Wisdom and Compassion    
    Buddha-Body and Buddha-Name    
    The Primal Vow of Amida Buddha    
    Truth and Non-Truth    
    Buddha’s Enlightenment and Our Enlightenment    
    Eastern Logic and Western Logic    
    The Pure Land Buddhist Path    
    Hearing the Name and Seeing the Buddha    
    Saying the Name and Hearing the Name    
    Path of Teaching, Practice, and Realization    
3: The Shin Buddhist Path    
    The Path that Shinran Walked
    Constant Practice of the Nembutsu
    Living the Nembutsu    
    The Nembutsu of “Choice”    
    The Nembutsu Alone Is True and Real    
    Nembutsu as “Living”    
    Continuous Practice of the Nembutsu Every Day    
    Nembutsu and Shinjin
    Nembutsu History
    Psychology of the Nembutsu
    Nembutsu and Shinjin

Part Two: Shinjin
4: The Idea of Shin in Buddhism    
    Belief and Faith    
    Secular Notions of Shin: Belief    
    General Religious Notions of Shin: Faith    
    Buddhist Notions of Shin    
    Shin as Prasāda    
    Shinjin Is Nondualistic and Subjective
    Shinjin as the Experience of Awakening    
    Shinjin as Knowing    
5: Shinjin in Shin Buddhism     
    Shinjin in Shinran’s Thought    
    Shinjin That Is Wisdom    
    Shinjin as Awakening    
    Shinjin as Becoming    
    Traditional Approaches to Shinjin    
    Past Interpretations of Shinjin    
    Objective Interpretations of Shinjin    
    Subjective Understandings of Shinjin    
    The Threefold Shinjin of the Primal Vow    
    Three Minds of the Primal Vow    
    Three Aspects of Shinjin    
6: Deep Mind, True Mind, and Mind of Aspiration     
    Deep Mind    
    Psychological Perspective    
    One Who Is Falling into Hell    
    What Is Tariki?
    Conditional Arising and Tariki    
    Religion as Path    
    True Mind    
    Philosophical Perspective    
    Transformation of Life    
    To Die and Be Born     
    Mind of Aspiration     
    Ethical Perspective     
    Aspiring for Buddhahood to Save Sentient Beings    

Part Three: Shin Buddhist Life
7: Salvation in Shin Buddhism    
    Types of Religious Salvation    
    Shopenhauer’s Theory of Happiness    
    Three Ways of Seeking Happiness    
    Salvation as the Fulfillment of Desire    
    Supernatural Power    
    Petitionary Prayers and Miracles    
    Salvation through Self-Control        
    Will of a Transcendent, Absolute Being    
    Faith and Self-Modification    
    Salvation as the Establishment of Personal Subjectivity    
    Basic Principles of the World and Human Beings    
    Establishment of a New Personal Subjectivity    
8: Shinjin and Human Life    
    The Ethics of Shinjin    
    Shinjin and Society    
    Ultimate Truth and Worldly Truth    
    Living in Shinjin    
    The Starting Point for Understanding Buddhism    
    The Basic Commonality of All Life    
    The Teaching “Not to Kill”    
    The Logic of Harmonious Living    
    A True Disciple of the Buddha    
    Soft and Gentle Heart—Firm and Resolute Mind    
    Eyes that See Beyond the Secular World    
    A Single, Unhindered Path     
9: The Shin Buddhist Way of Life     
    Living with “Prayers for the World”     
    Shinran’s Instruction     
    Amida Buddha’s Vows     
    Vows for the Adornment of the Buddha’s Land     
    The Wish for Human Fulfillment     
    True Freedom     
    The Process of Human Fulfillment     
    Aspiring for the Fulfillment of Society     
    True Equality     
    The Process of Societal Fulfillment     
    Directing Virtue in Our Return to This World     
    Meaning of Birth in the Pure Land     
    Persons who Direct Virtue in Their Return to This World     
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