A Heart Full of Peace - Foreword



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In this small book Joseph Goldstein conveys with clarity and concision some of the spiritual teachings, beliefs, values, and practices we urgently need to help balance the materialism of our age—compassion, love, kindness, restraint, a skillful mind, and a peaceful heart. Joseph originally presented this teaching as part of Harvard Divinity School’s Wit Lectures on Living a Spiritual Life in the Contemporary Age. He reveals the need to combine faith with practice, freedom with responsibility, and action with contemplation.

I, too, am firmly of the opinion that those who sincerely practice Buddha Dharma must also serve society. Too often we make what we call “the happiness of all beings” the object of our prayers and meditations, yet when we rise from our meditation cushions we fail to give practical help to our neighbors and others in need. If we are to fulfill our altruistic wish, we cannot discriminate between spirituality and our life in society. Without the support of our fellow beings we could not practice at all, and without a concern for their welfare our practice has little meaning.

Tenzin Gyatso
The Dalai Lama


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