Healing Breath - Table of Contents

Zen for Christians and Buddhists in a Wounded World


184 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861715084

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ISBN 9780861718672

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1. Diagnosing Our Woundedness           
Surveying Our Situation      
Tracing the Roots of Our Brokenness        
Four Ennobling Truths:
A Buddhist Diagnosis           
Sin and Salvation: The Christian Message

2. Tasting and Seeing—The Zen Way of Life    
Four Marks of Zen    
Three Fruits of the Zen Life

3. Listening to the Breath 
Elements of Zen Practice     
The Zen Teacher as Midwife          
Rediscovering the Breath    
The Breath as Connector and Healer        
The Breath in Christian Spirituality           

4. Awakening to True Self
The Fundamental Questions          
The Koan Mu
Hearing the Way      
Just Sitting: Shikan Taza      
Cosmic Affirmation: God Is Love     

5. Embodying the Way      
To Become as Little Children          
The Wonder of a Cup of Tea          

6. This Is My Body 
Dropping Off Body and Mind         
This Very Body, The Great Wide Earth      
Hologram: The Part Is the Whole   
The Mystical Body of Christ
The Body Broken     
Rekindling after “Burnout” 

7. Coming Home—A Six-Point Recovery           
Recovering the Now 
Recovering the Body
Recovering Our Shadow      
Recovering the Feminine    
Recovering the Wonder in Nature 
Recovering and Reconnecting with My Neighbor 

Epilogue: Spirituality for Healing
Our Global Society