Healing Breath - Praise

Zen for Christians and Buddhists in a Wounded World


184 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861715084

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ISBN 9780861718672

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This is not merely another book about healing; it is a healing book.”—Brother David Steindl-Rast, OSB

Habito invites Christians to explore a new way of life and approach to enhance their own spiritual practice. The discipline of Zen is presented as a practice open to, available and permissible for Christians, in addition to Buddhists... Healing Breath encourages you to experience your faith more deeply, and heal yourself and the world.”—LA Yoga

I am grateful to Ruben Habito for sharing his cogent insight into the perennial, healing inspiratiopn that rises now as Buddhist, now as Christian.”—Robert Aitken, author of Taking the Path of Zen

Healing Breath presents profound truths simply. It is the balm needed for our existential and cosmic woundedness.”—Pascaline Coff, OSB, Osage Monastery

Healing Breath is a Christian Zen celebration of the healing power immediately available to us all!”—John P. Keenan, author of The Meaning of Christ and co-author of Beside Still Waters: Jews, Christians, and the Way of the Buddha

Ruben Habito is one of the most interesting and compelling spiritual guides for our times. He brings wisdom and humility in equal parts to the project of awakening. His time in the meditation hall has been matched by his commitment to social activism. He brings good humor, genuine attention, and a certain grace to his teachings. There may be no better Zen teacher in the West today.”—James Ishmael Ford, author of Zen Master Who? and If You’re Lucky, Your Heart Will Break

Habito’s interpretation of Christian orthodox beliefs through a Zen lens [is fresh]: for example, Jesus' mystical body may be fruitfully compared to ‘this very body’ of the Buddha. Given this parallel, both enlightenment and what Christians term ‘the reign of God’ are already at hand. From a Buddhist point of view, there is nothing to attain; for a Christian, beholding God can happen right now rather than only in the afterlife. For both, the interconnectedness of all beings becomes apparent, and a statement like ‘God is love’ can express a moment of enlightenment. These kinds of comparisons enrich and unlock the challenging and sometimes mysterious language of Christianity.”—Publishers Weekly

“A refreshing ‘testament of hope.’ By a serious assimilation of the work one can help bring the global family to new levels of compassion and authentic celebration of all that is. The book is a breath of fresh air. […] A much needed compendium for the ‘monk in everyone.’”—Monastic Interreligious Dialogue

Habito believes that Zen offers an antidote to the woundedness of our times, which are characterized by a fear of the natural world as other, widespread alienation and violence in society, and a tendency to see ourselves as separate from our neighbors. Zen opens us to a new way of seeing and being with its emphasis upon direct transmission outside Scriptures, its refusal to rely on words or letters, its relationship to the core of our being, and its message about awakening to our true nature. Habito examines this path as ‘the art of living in attunement with the Breath’ and then goes on to discuss the elements of sitting meditation. Zen affirms the art of simply being, the miracle of the body, and an appreciation of the everyday wonders of life. The author makes a convincing case that Zen has resonances with Christianity and that the two together can offer a spirituality of engagement for a postmodern world.”—Spirituality and Practice