The Hazy Moon of Enlightenment - Table of Contents

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192 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861713141

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Foreword to the First Edition (Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche)
Preface to the First Edition (Bernie Tetsugen Glassman)
Editors’ Preface to the Revised Edition (Wendy Egyoku Nakao and John Daishin Buksbazen)

I. Enlightenment     
1: The Sound of Enlightenment (Taizan Maezumi)
2: Sudden and Gradual Enlightenment (Taizan Maezumi)

II: Delusion  
3:  “Yunmen’s Two Sicknesses” – Case 11 of the Book of Equanimity (Translated by Taizan Maezumi and Dana Fraser)
4: Sitting Down in the World of Enlightenment – Commentary on “Yunmen’s Two Sicknesses” (Hakuun Yasutani)
5: “Ghosts in the Daylight” – Commentary on the Capping Phrases (Taizan Maezumi)

III:  Enlightenment in Action        
6:  “The Eight Awarenesses of the Enlightened Person” – Dogen Zenji’s Hachidainingaku (Translated by Taizan Maezumi and Francis Dojun Cook)
7: Introduction to the Eight Awarenesses (Taizan Maezumi)
8:  “Having Few Desires”     
9:  “Knowing How to Be Satisfied” 
10: “Enjoying Serenity and Tranquility”   
11:  “Exerting Meticulous Effort”   
12: “Not Forgetting Right Thought”           
13:  “Practicing Samadhi”   
14: “Cultivating Wisdom”   
15: “Avoiding Idle Talk”      

IV: An Experience of Enlightenment      
Editors’ Preface to Part IV  
16:  An Experience of Enlightenment (Flora Courtois)
17:  Meeting Flora Courtois (Hakuun Yasutani)


Effort and Intuition: The Sudden and the Gradual Reconsidered (Neal Donner)


Chinese-Japanese Name Glossary