Hardcore Zen - Table of Contents

Punk Rock, Monster Movies, and the Truth about Reality


224 pages, 5 x 8 inches


ISBN 9780861713806

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eBook Bundle (PDF, epub, mobi)


ISBN 9780861719891

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Gimme Some Truth  
Dork-boy and the Godhead
Inner Anarchy          
Zen And The Art Of Making Monster Movies        
Small and Stupid Dreams   
If Only…        
The Great Heart Of Wisdom Sutra 
“Don’t Worry, It Will Come…!”        
Why Gene Simmons Is Not a Zen Master  
The World of Demons         
In My Next Life I Want To Come Back as a Pair of Lucy Liu’s Panties   
That’s ZEN MASTER Know-It-All to You, Buddy!              
No Sex with Cantaloupes    
Revenge of the Pod People             
“Pass me the ecstasy, Rainbow, I’m going to Nirvana on a stretcher!”  
Eating a Tangerine Is Real Enlightenment           
Hardcore Zen