Hardcore Zen

Punk Rock, Monster Movies, and the Truth about Reality


224 pages, 5 x 8 inches


ISBN 9780861713806

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eBook Bundle (PDF, epub, mobi)


ISBN 9780861719891

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“Entertaining, bold, and refreshingly direct, this book is likely to change the way one experiences other books about Zen—and maybe even the way one experiences reality.”—Publishers Weekly [starred review]

Mon, 01/21/2013 - 12:35 -- wisdom

This is not your typical Zen book. Brad Warner, a young punk who grew up to be a Zen master, spares no one. This bold new approach to the “Why?” of Zen Buddhism is as strongly grounded in the tradition of Zen as it is utterly revolutionary. Warner’s voice is hilarious, and he calls on the wisdom of everyone from punk and pop culture icons to the Buddha himself to make sure his points come through loud and clear. As it prods readers to question everything, Hardcore Zen is both an approach and a departure, leaving behind the soft and lyrical for the gritty and stark perspective of a new generation.

The subtitle says it all: there has never been a book like this.

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