The Grace in Aging - Table of Contents

Awaken as You Grow Older


240 pages, 6x9 inches


ISBN 9781614291268

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An Invitation

            Wake Up

Predictable Sufferings

Creating the Causes

            Stepping onto the Noble Path

            A Map of Awakening

            Opening the Precious Package

The Special Conditions

            Gathering the Special Conditions

            Opening to Our Own Mortality: Meditation on Death

            Withdrawal: Liberation from Habits

            Silence: Liberation from Illusions

            Solitude: Liberation from Attachment; Release into Sufficiency

            Forgiveness: Liberation from Aversion; Freedom from Anger and Judgment

            Humility: Liberation from Pride and Perfectionism; Release into Ordinariness

            Presence: Liberation from Frivolity and Other Inessentials

            Commitment: Liberation from Deception

            Life Review and Resolution: Liberation from Our Story; Release into Freedom

            Opening the Heart and Opening the Mind

Afterword: A Spiritual Inventory

Appendix: A Questionnaire on Aging


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