The Four Noble Truths - Table of Contents

Foundation of Buddhist Thought, Volume 1


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Foreword by Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Editor’s Preface

The Four Noble Truths Sutra

1: Setting the Wheel of Dharma in Motion

The Four Truths

The Structure of the Sutra

The Order of the Four Noble Truths

The Etymology of the Term Four Noble Truths

The Benefits of Studying the Four Noble Truths

The Two Sets of Cause and Effect

How the Two Sets Work

Being Our Own Refuge           

Responsibility to Ourselves and Others

2: The Truth of Suffering

Why the Buddha Began with the Teaching on Suffering      

The Three Phases

Types of Suffering

The Three Types of Suffering

The Eight Types of Suffering

The Five Aggregates            

The Four Characteristics of the Truth of Suffering





Understanding the Truth of Suffering in Our Everyday Lives         

There Is Suffering    

Letting Go of Clinging to Problems

Meditating on the First Noble Truth          

3: The Truth of Origin       


The Three Phases    


Afflictive Emotions   

The Three Kinds of Craving           

Karmic Action            

How Cause and Effect Works         

Substantial and Contributory Causes        


Karmic Imprints       

The Origin of Suffering Is Within Suffering Itself            

Dealing with Afflictive Emotions      

Acquired and Innate Afflictive Emotions  

The Ten Nonvirtuous Actions         

Dealing with the Coarsest First      

The Twelve Links of Dependent Origination 

How the Twelve Links Operate over Three Lifetimes      

The Twelve Links in Forward Order          

The Four Characteristics of the Truth of Origin       

4: The Truth of Cessation

Cessation, Liberation, and Enlightenment     

The Three Phases    

What Is the Cessation of Suffering?           

Symbolic, Residual, and Nonresidual Cessation    

Liberation and Enlightenment       

Cessation and Enlightenment            

Cessation According to Theravada

The Two Obscurations        

The Two Cessations

A Buddha’s Two Bodies       

The Connection Between Liberation and Emptiness       

The Four Characteristics of True Cessation  


5: The Truth of the Path    

The Noble Eightfold Path and the Three Trainings  

The Three Phases    

The Path to Enlightenment            

The Many Paths in Buddhism        

The Three Trainings            

Being on the Path      

The Five Paths          

The Individual Liberation Practitioner and the Bodhisattvayana Practitioner

When Are We Actually on the Path?          

The Four Characteristics of the Truth of the Path   

The Sixteen Characteristics of the Four Noble Truths     

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