The Flowing Bridge - Table of Contents

Guidance on Beginning Zen Koans


176 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861715459

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Foreword by Ruben L.F. Habito


Part One: The Three Jewels

Joshu’s Dog   
What is Kongen, the origin of Mu? 
What is the Sound of One Hand?   

Part Two: The Miscellaneous Koans

Stop the sound of the distant temple bell.
Put out the fire a thousand miles away.    
Stop the boat sailing by out on the open sea.       
Save a ghost. 
Move a mountain.
Count the number of stars in the heavens.          
In a well that has not been dug…  
Slowly I wade in a brook…  
In the sea of Ise…     
With empty hands I take hold of the plow…        
In order to be worthy as a Zen student… 
The leaves of the lotus are round…           
On Mount Godai a cloud is cooking rice…  
A thousand mountains are covered with snow… 
Shogen’s Three Turning Words     
Oryu’s Three Turning Words         
Tosotsu’s Three Barriers     
Kido’s Three Barriers          
Joshu’s Three Turning Words        
From the Diamond Sutra    
From Dogen’s Fukan Zazengi          
Haryo’s Three Turning Words       

Glossary of Japanese Words