The Fine Arts of Relaxation, Concentration, and Meditation - Table of Contents

Ancient Skills for Modern Minds, Revised Edition


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ISBN 9780861713493

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Awakening our full potential
How to get the most from this book 

Part One: Relaxation
Dynamic relaxation 
Guidelines for developing relaxation skills 
1. Letting go of tension 
2. Flow sequence
3. Relaxing the body
4. Body scan  
5. Autogenic imagery 
6. Creating an inner oasis  
7. Rainbow light relaxation 
8. Symptoms of relaxation 

Part Two: Concentration
Focusing the mind 
Guidelines for developing concentration skills 
1. Self-remembering 
2. An antidote to discouragement  
3. Zen breathing exercise  
4. Sufi breathing exercise 
5. Breathing easy 
6. Abdominal breathing 
7. Concentration: The simple nine-part breath  
8. Contemplative practice  
9. Spheres of mind 
10. Concentration with a natural object  
11. Concentration while walking  

Part Three: Meditation
What is meditation?  
Varieties of meditation
Meditation traditions as liberative art forms 
Meditation: The path of awakening  
Guidelines for developing meditation skills 
1. Doing what we love to do  
2. Listening 
3. Continuum  
4. Investigating the mind  
5. Thoughts  
6. Mindfulness of stories 
7. Stopping the war  
8. Kitchen yogi meditation  
9. Eating mindfully 
10. Walking meditation  
11. Sleeping meditation  
12. Waking up within the dream  
13. Waking up throughout the day  
14. Two domains of reality 
15. Buddhaverse 
16. Reflective meditation 
17. Standing in the possibility  
18. Meditation on the five elements  
19. Hollow body meditation  
20. Mental massage 
21. The center of your mandala  
22. The drop and the ocean  
23. Transforming emotions 
24. Meditation on forgiveness 
25. Increasing compassion 
26. Loving-kindness meditation 
27. Driving meditation  
28. The four immeasurable attitudes 
29. Breathing with all beings 
30. Transforming energy 
31. Meditation on the angel of universal compassion 
32. Meditation on the teacher  
33. Mother of compassion  
34. Sphere of light  
35. Meditations for dying  
36. Mantra: protection for the mind  
37. Meditations with a partner  
38. Matrix of mind 
39. Guidelines for daily practice 

Part Four: Contemplative Wisdom in Daily Life
1. Deepening your meditation practice  
2. Strategies for mastering stress 
3. Guidelines for creative visualization 
4. Transforming pain 
5. Balancing breath, brain, and mind 
6. Sports: A Western yoga 
7. Cyberphysiology and biofeedback: Inner technologies of mindbody and spirit  

Part Five: Meditation and the World of Work
1. Relaxation, concentration, and meditation at work: an inspiring example 
2. Leadership and spirit at work 
3. Creative intelligence: the dynamic synergy of active and quiet mind skills 
4. Profoundly inspired work: Visionary research
5. Glimpsing the sacred in daily work-life 
6. Data to inspire faith  

Suggested further readings and resources 
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