The Fine Arts of Relaxation, Concentration, and Meditation - Praise

Ancient Skills for Modern Minds, Revised Edition


304 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861713493

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“Joel and Michelle Levey share more than 100 ideas, practices, and exercises they have used over the past 30 years to teach stress reduction and personal development to companies, groups, and individuals...Tailor-made for anyone dealing with physical, mental, or emotional stress.”—Spirituality and Health

“The Leveys offer an inviting and highly practical manual for those who want to enhance ‘health and performance, master stress, and deepen their appreciation of life.’ Many of the strategies found here are clear, step-by-step procedures; others are scripts suitable to record and play back during a relaxation, concentration, or meditation session. The authors continually emphasize the depth and sacredness associated with these ‘inner arts,’ resulting in a useful handbook that will appeal to a wide range of readers seeking increased tranquillity in and mastery over their lives.”—Publishers Weekly

“Skillfully weaves together contemporary insights into the value of and need for meditation in our lives with a large number of extremely evocative suggestions for different ways to practice.”—Jon Kabat-Zinn, author of Wherever You Go, There You Are

“This is an enlightening, lovingly-written book, one which helps us to remember who we truly are and enables us to bring our wisest and most compassionate selves to our work, our lives and the world at large. ...This is a wonderful example of ‘learning to change the world from the inside out;’ of ‘being in the world but not of the world;’ of strengthening our inner life and consequently enhancing the quality of our outer work. I can think of no more important reading for the caring and intelligent business leader.”—Charles Terry, Director of Philanthropy, The Rockefeller Foundation

“A skillful blend of time-proven antidotes to the stress of modern life.”—Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence

“What a beautiful book! We need so much in our world to focus on how to be instead of how to do, and [this book] shows the way.”—Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Space, Time, & Medicine and Healing Wounds

“The methods included here work wonders. As a satisfied user of so many of them, I affirm that they truly deepen the appreciation of life.”—Ram Dass, author of Be Here Now, How Can I Help, Grist for the Mill, and Journey of Awakening

“What a precious treasure your book is. To say it was humbling and thrilling to read it would be a great understatement. I will use and treasure this book, and do all I can to get it into the hands of as many people as possible.”—Joanie Borysenko, author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind

“Perhaps the best aspect of this book is that it actually tells you what to do and how. It also explains in no-nonsense style why a certain approach is recommended and what benefit may be expected from its practice.”—Ester-Margaret Hood, Hong Kong Post

“A remarkably useful and important guide in a stressful age. With clarity, compassion and remarkable insight, the Leveys offer the reader dozens of delightful entrees into the world of meditation... They free meditation from the commonly held notions of rigidity and cultism, and set it soaring—fresh and joyful—into the heart and mind of the modern-day spiritual explorer. It’s meditation demystified. Pure and simple. Direct and inviting.”—Peg Jordon, Author of The Fitness Instinct

“There is no question that relaxation and meditation are desperately needed in todays stressful society. The Leveys’ book wisely emphasizes the need for relaxation and concentration exercises as skills needed to practice good meditation. Numerous good techniques are presented in this book. However, remember that reading them does not accomplish the goal. Practicing these exercises is ultimately a valuable lesson to be learned.”—C. Norm Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., Coauthor, The Creation of Health, and Founder and Medical Director of Shealy Pain & Health Rehabilitation Institute

“In this beautiful little book, The Fine Arts of Relaxation, Concentration, & Meditation, the Leveys condense two decades of study, experience and teaching in the art of self mastery. They make it clear that it is not stress itself that kills us, but our reaction to it, and lead the student from simple self-regulation to the heights of self-knowledge and spiritual awareness. Hopefully everyone who reads this book will make room in their life for the practices and growth program that it illustrates.”—Dr. Elmer Green, Coauthor of Beyond Biofeedback, Director of the Voluntary Control Program, Menninger Foundation

“This book is an excellent primer for waking up. Practice these techniques and your life will change.”—Richard Strozzi Heckler, Ph.D., author of Anatomy of Change, Aikido and the New Warrior and In Search of the Warrior Spirit

“[The Leveys’] work that has great prospects for bringing the inner sciences to a very wide section of people who may not under ordinary circumstances come into contact with the inner technologies of mental development and transformation.”—His Holiness the Dalai Lama

“Your work and the material contained in your book, are valuable contributions to a technology of attention management. Thank you for your insight into the nature of hazardous states of awareness and suggestions for counter measures that hold promise for enhancing monitoring performance and vigilance.”—Alan T. Pope, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Crew/Vehicle Interface Research Branch, Flight Management Division, Langley Research Center, NASA

“Deming did Japan an enormous favor by giving them access to Western Quality Control technology after WWII. The Levey’s are returning the favor by making inner quality control technology available to the West.”—Bill Veltrop, Founder, International Center for Organization Design

“This wonderful book is the best I know to develop the most basic skill for becoming a proactive rather than reactive leader in these fast changing times—the patient mind that can handle ambiguity and uncertainty—the still mind from which creative solutions can emerge—the visionary mind that finds a future worth committing to and the compasssionate mind that makes decisions that benefit us all. Wholeheartedly I urge you not only to read this book, but even more, to live with it and see how it softly strikes into your mind, your heart and your ability to put your talents to work.”—William C. Miller, author The Creative Edge: Fostering Innovation Where You Work, principle consultant for Global Creativity Corporation, former senior consultant at SRI International, and faculty Stanford University Graduate School of Business

“Perhaps from the beginning of the human species we have looked for ways to being in the world, dealing with everyday concerns and stresses, while also developing our innate gifts to their fullest. What we are striving for, whether we know it our not, is to make our life a work of art, so that every move we make is both appropriate and contributes to our increasing satisfaction and mastery. This unique book opens the possibility for doing that. It is both artful and practical. Joel and Michelle provide the most up-to-date guide to living yet bases it on techniques that have stood the test of centuries, even millenia. An they have put this into a form that gently yet with discipline moves us toward mastery of our lives in a way that can be specific to our own needs and opportunities... So no matter what your occupation or role in life, settle into the practices so beautifully taught in this book. The Leveys have had a quarter century of experience of bringing these approaches to people who need them. They will not let you down. And, as you probably know, relaxation, concentration and meditation aren’t really optional in today’s world. They’re essential and so is this book.”—Michael Ray, Ph.D., Coauthor, Creativity in Business, and Professor of Creativity and Innovation and of Marketing, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

“This book is a clear concise synopsis of easily applied techniques focused on stress reduction for people caught up in the daily rush of business life in the 1990s. The diversity of methods presented here insures that you can pick and choose those that will work best for you even within the most hectic of schedules.”—Joe Colletti GOAL/QPC

“Our mental capacity provides the greatest lever for the competitive edge that North America needs in the world markets of the 90s. Learning to manage our mental state is the pathway to that capacity. This book provides wonderful and effective tools to do just that.”—Layton Fisher, Manager of Organization Effectiveness, Esso Resources

“In these days of rapid change, uncertainty and high personal stress, many employees are look for support in meeting the challenges of organizational life. It was a delight to find such support available in Joel & Michelle Leveys’ book The Fine Arts of Relaxation, Concentration, & Meditation. The book’s easy to follow activities & techniques are welcomed by employees seeking peace of mind, emotional well-being, health and effective performance. This book is a valuable resource for employees in any organization.”—David Ellerington, Manager of Human Resources, Esso Resources

“I’ve been using your book and I’m totally pleased with my personal results. The more I practice, the better I get; and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Isn’t it?”—Bill Maynard, Ed.D., President, The Effectiveness Institute, Inc.

“This book is really a great tool for me and my archery life. Thanks to the Leveys for all they do for others!”—Ed Eliason, Olympic Gold Medalist and three-year holder of the National Amateur Indoor Archery Championship

“I highly recommend this book to all managers interested in enhancing their productivity while reducing their stress.”—Tom Osborne, Vice President of Human Resources, Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle

“If you are interested in enhancing the quality of your health, relationships and performance, or in developing the extraordinary potentials of your mindbody you will find tremendous value in these pages.”—Lt. Col. Jack Cirie (U.S.M.C. retired), Director of Training & Development, SportsMind, Inc.

“As an ultramarathon bicyclist I rode 10-12 days at a time for 22 hours per day. This not only takes a well toned body, but a fine tuned mind. Joel & Michelle have guided me from one unaware of her potential to a competitive ultramarathon athlete. By using techniques in this book I have been able to combine a positive attitude with self-confidence and discipline to be very successful. My success in not only in my competitive endeavors, but in the rest of my life during work , play and social activities...I recommend Joel and Michelle’s book to anyone interested in techniques for realizing their full potentials.”—Cheryl Marek, 1987 RAAM Rookie of the Year (Ride Across America), 1984 Women’s Tandem RAAM Record Holder

“A ground-breaking guide for developing peace through personal and social action.... A necessary guide for developing the qualities of mind essential for effective personal, professional and organizational relationships... A useful guide full of practical strategies for making the personal changes necessary for making lasting and beneficial social and organizational changes.”—Tom Campbell, M.C.P, Executive Assistant to the Washington State Speaker of the House

“Many of the current problems in business and society are the result of limited thinking. Our rapidly evolving, interdependent world requires that we learn to think in a new and integrated way... I believe that these fresh thoughts are born within a still and centered heart and mind. This book helps open the door to that much needed resource.”—Michael Lindfield, Author of Dance of Change, and Internal Organization Development Consultant for Boeing Aerospace

“Something for everyone interested in self-improvement.”—International Stress and Tension Control Society

“An exceptional introduction to relaxation techniques...highly recommended.”—The Reader’s Review

“Reveals the way of how to be instead of how to do.”—New Dimensions Bookshelf

“An interesting and in-depth introduction... integrating Tibetan practice with contemporary Western life.”—The Beacon

“Practical and down-to-earth, this is a remarkable and comprehensive workbook for mastering the stress of life.”—NAPRA ReVIEW

“By far the best plain-language, down-to-earth, practical, easy-to-read book on mental training.”—Mind-Body Wellness

“A thoroughly useful, practical guidebook offering a distillation of many years of study and practice.”—Yoga and Health

“By learning how to keep stress from getting the best of us, we can become happier, more creative, and more compassionate. The authors of this handbook for better living provide a host of valuable tools for dealing with everyday stress-inducing challenges.”—Body and Soul