Essentials of Mahamudra - Table of Contents

Looking Directly at the Mind


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1. Introduction                 

Part I. Meditations Shared by Other Traditions        

2. The Shared Tradition of Shamata and Vipashyana      
3. The Shared Tradition of Shamata Meditation                 
4. The Shared Tradition of Vipashyana Meditation          
5. Eliminating Doubts Concerning Vipashyana Meditation           

Part II. Mahamudra Meditation           

6. The Origins of Mahamudra    
7. The Preparatory Practices for Mahamudra   
8. Mahamudra Shamata Meditation         
9. Mahamudra Vipashyana Meditation 
10. Eliminating Doubts about Vipashyana              
11. Mind As It Is and Coemergence           
12. Eliminating Flaws That May Arise in Mahamudra      
13. Maintaining Mahamudra in Meditation and Postmeditation 
14. Eliminating Obstacles to Mahamudra                
15. The Practice of Utterly Releasing       
16. Bringing Obstacles to the Path             
17. How Realization Dawns         
18. How We Should Practice        

Table of Tibetan Terms                 
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