Essential Mind Training - Table of Contents

Tibetan Classics, Volume 1


296 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861712632

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Atiśa’s Legacy 

  1. Bodhisattva’s Jewel Garland
  2. Root Lines of Mahayana Mind Training
    Attributed to Atiśa

Seven Points   

  1. Seven-Point Mind Training
    Chekawa Yeshé Dorjé
  2. A Commentary on the “Seven-Point Mind Training”
    Sé Chilbu Chökyi Gyaltsen

Eight  Verses   

  1. Eight Verses on Mind Training
    Langri Thangpa
  2. A Commentary on “Eight Verses on Mind Training”
    Chekawa Yeshé Dorjé


  1. Leveling Out All Conceptions
    Attributed to Serlingpa

Essential Mind Training

  1. A Commentary on “Leveling Out All Conceptions”
    Attributed to Atiśa

Karmic Justice

  1. Wheel of Sharp Weapons
    Attributed to Dharmarakṣita

A Vajra Song  

  1. Melodies of an Adamantine Song: A Chanting Meditation on Mind Training
    Attributed to Maitrīyogi

Transforming Adversity        

  1. A Teaching on Taking Afflictions onto the Path    
  2. Mind Training Taking Joys and Pains onto the Path       

New Attitudes

  1. Sumpa Lotsāwa’s Ear-Whispered Mind Training
  2. Bodhisattva Samantabhadra’s Mind Training      
  3. Mind Training Removing Obstacles           
  4. Mahayana Mind Training Eliminating Future Adversities

Formal Practices

  1. Mind Training in a Single Session

Chim Namkha Drak  

  1. Glorious Virvapa’s Mind Training

Lo Lotsāwa    

Index of Names and Titles