The Essence of Zen - Table of Contents

The Teachings of Sekkei Harada


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Translator’s Preface

Part I: Dogen’s Fukan-Zazengi and Commentary
The Fukan-Zazengi: A Universal Recommendation for Zazen      
An Explanation of the Title
COMMENTARY 1: You Are Already Within the Way        
COMMENTARY 2: Giving Up the Ego-Self
COMMENTARY 3: How to Sit in Zazen       

Part II: Being Thoroughly Familiar with the True Self
In the Whole Universe, There Is Only You
You are Both Zen and the Way      
Your Reality Is Zen   
Do Not Forget Your True Self
Three Principal Teachings  
Nothing Is Better Than Something Good   
Nansen Cuts the Cat
The Deluding Passions Are Enlightenment          
Throwing Yourself into Zazen        
Hyakujo’s Wild Fox  
The Daily Practice of Zen    
Continuing with Perseverance       
Sitting in Zazen         
Putting an End to the Discriminating Mind          
“Done, Done, Finally It Is Done!”    
Being One with the Questioning Mind      
The Way Is One        

Part III: Awakening to the True Self
What Is Sesshin?      
Kyogen’s Questioning Mind            
What Is “This Thing”?         
“Everyday Mind Is the Way”          
Accepting Your Condition Now       
Are You Awake?       
Shakyamuni Buddha’s Practice      
The Deluding Attachment to the Ego-Self
All Things Exist Within the Six Sense Functions   
What Is the Teaching of the Buddhadharma?     
In Japan Only the Form of the Dharma Remains
Self-Taught Zen vs. Zen That Is in Accordance with the Dharma           
Good and Evil Is Time; Time Is Not Good or Evil  
The Wind Blows Everywhere         
On Emptiness           
The Ten Realms       
The One Arrow of Sekkyo   
Becoming Your Own Master           
“No Dependence on Words and Letters” and “A Special Transmission Outside the Teachings”       
Stealing the Farmer’s Cow, Snatching the Beggar’s Bowl            
Exaggerating the Importance of Doctrinal Study
Verification for Oneself and Certification by a Master    
The Certification of True Peace of Mind   
To Study the Way Is to Study the Self       
Letting Go of Oneness          
The First Step on the Way  
The Problem with Shikantaza        
The Problem with Koan Zen           
Using the Form of Zen as an Expedient    
The Condition Right Now    
What Is Consciousness?      
The Light of the Dharma, the Light within Yourself        
Awakening to the Chaos within You          
The Law of Cause and Effect          

Part IV: Elements in the Practice of Zen
The Functions of the Body, Speech, and Thought            
The Problem of the Self That Knows         
Three Essential Elements of Zazen Practice         
Throwing Away Your Standards    
Great Diligence         
“What Is the Way”   
The Sickness of Being Attached to Emptiness      
The Nature of Zen    
Zen and the Precepts Are One
Mind Cannot Be Grasped    
The Enlightenment of Gensha        
Zen within Movement, Zen within Stillness          
Being Attached to the Ego-Self       
Liberation Is Leaving the Dharma As-It-Is
Dead or Alive?          

Zen Masters and Monks Appearing in the Text