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A Classic Collection of Zen Koans


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Foreword by Nelson Foster 
Introduction by Ueda Shizuteru    
Translator’s Preface          
Preface to the Wisdom Edition       
Conventions and Abbreviations     

Entangling Vines, Part 1

Case 1: 二祖安心 Pacifying the Mind of the Second Patriarch  
Case 2: 六祖衣鉢 The Sixth Patriarch’s Robe and Bowl  
Case 3: 五祖他奴 Wuzu’s “Someone’s Servants”  
Case 4: 雲門須彌 Yunmen’s “Mount Sumeru”  
Case 5: 馬祖即心 Mazu’s “This Very Mind”   
Case 6: 趙州放下 Zhaozhou’s “Drop It!”  
Case 7: 兜率三關 Doushuai’s Three Barriers  
Case 8: 靈雲見桃 Lingyun Sees Peach Blossoms
Case 9: 趙州柏樹 Zhaozhou’s “Juniper Tree” 
Case 10: 黄龍三關 Huanglong’s Three Barriers  
Case 11: 瑞巖主人 Ruiyan’s “Master” 
Case 12: 趙州勘婆 Zhaozhou Sees Through an Old Woman 
Case 13: 郎中地獄 Langzhong’s “Hell”  
Case 14: 長生混沌 Changsheng’s “Chaos”  
Case 15: 孤峰不白 One Peak Is Not White 
Case 16: 牛過窓櫺 An Ox Goes through a Lattice Window  
Case 17: 乾峰三種 Qianfeng’s “Three Types of Sickness”
Case 18: 山谷木犀 Shangu’s Sweet-Olive Blossoms  
Case 19-1: 香嚴上樹 Xiangyan’s “Up a Tree” 
Case 19-2: 大慧樹上 Dahui’s “Up a Tree”  
Case 20: 雲門屎橛 Yunmen’s “Dry Piece of Shit”  
Case 21: 雲門蘇盧 Yunmen’s “Sulu” 
Case 22-1: 徳山托鉢Deshan Carries His Bowls  
Case 22-2: 密庵意旨Mian’s “True Meaning”  
Case 23: 馬祖西江 Mazu’s “West River”
Case 24: 不入涅槃 Not Entering Nirvana
Case 25: 石霜竿頭 Shishuang’s “Top of a Pole”  
Case 26: 香嚴撃竹 Xiangyan’s Sound of a Bamboo  
Case 27: 心隨萬境 The Mind Turns with Its Surroundings 
Case 28-1: 倩女離魂 Qiannu and Her Spirit  
Case 28-2: 虛堂頌古 Xutang’s Verse  
Case 29: 雲門露字 Yunmen’s “Exposed” 
Case 30: 密庵沙盆Mian’s “Brittle Bowl” 
Case 31: 國師三喚 The National Teacher Calls Three Times  
Case 32: 懶安有句 Lan’an’s “Being and Nonbeing”  
Case 33: 南泉鎌子 Nanquan’s Sickle   
Case 34: 百丈野狐 Baizhang’s Wild Fox 
Case 35: 關山賊機 Kanzan’s “Works like a Thief ”  
Case 36: 二僧捲簾 Two Monks Roll Up Bamboo Shades  
Case 37: 虛空爲紙 Use the Empty Sky for Paper 
Case 38: 賢女屍林 The Wise Women in the Mortuary Grove  60
Case 39: 漂堕鬼國 Drifting to the Land of the Demons 
Case 40: 秀才造論A Scholar Writes a Treatise  
Case 41: 室内一燈 The Lamp in the Room 
Case 42: 心身共捨 Cast Aside Both Mind and Body  
Case 43: 達磨不來 Bodhidharma Didn’t Come to China 
Case 44: 丹霞燒佛 Danxia Burns a Buddha Image 
Case 45: 寤寐恒一 Asleep or Awake, At All Times Be One  
Case 46-1: 趙州無字 Zhaozhou’s “Wu”  
Case 46-2: 無字之頌 A Verse on Zhaozhou’s “Wu”  
Case 46-3: 中峰無字 Zhongfeng’s Eight-Word Question on “Wu” 
Case 46-4: 大慧無字 Dahui’s “Wu” 
Case 46-5: 僧未問佛 Before the Monk Asked about Buddha Nature 
Case 46-6: 古徳透徹 Penetrate It Thoroughly 
Case 47: 佛直祖曲 Buddha Straight, Ancestors Crooked 
Case 48: 女子出定 A Woman Comes Out of Samadhi 
Case 49:: 水上行話 East Mountain Walks on the Water 
Case 50: 法華禪定 Lotus Samadhi  
Case 51: 大通智勝 The Buddha of Great Universal Wisdom Excellence  
Case 52: 黄龍念讚 Huanglong’s “Sutra Chanting”
Case 53: 馬祖塩醤 Mazu’s “Salt and Sauce”  
Case 54: 柏樹托鉢 Juniper Tree, Carrying Bowls  
Case 55: 張公喫酒 Mr. Zhang Drinks Wine 
Case 56: 鼓山伽陀 Gushan’s Gāthā   
Case 57: 一失人身 To Lose a Human Birth           
Case 58: 首山此經Shoushan’s “This Sutra” 
Case 59: 興化打中 Xinghua’s “Hold to the Center”  
Case 60: 潙山水牯 Guishan’s “Water Buffalo” 
Case 61: 古帆未掛 The Sail Has Yet to Be Hoisted 
Case 62: 洞山三斤 Dongshan’s “Three Pounds of Hemp”
Case 63: 南堂異類 Nantang’s “Other Realms”  
Case 64: 無功徳話 No Merit  
Case 65: 千尺井中 A Man in a Thousand-Foot Well 
Case 66: 大梅梅子 Damei’s “Plum Pit”  
Case 67: 法燈未了 Fadeng Is Not Yet Finished 
Case 68: 南泉油糍 Nanquan’s Fried Dumplings 
Case 69: 無鬚鎖子 A Springless Lock 
Case 70: 外道六師 The Six Non-Buddhist Teachers  
Case 71: 芭蕉拄杖 Bajiao’s Staff  
Case 72: 世尊未說 The Buddha Never Preached  
Case 73: 圜悟禍門 Yuanwu’s “Gate of Misfortune”  
Case 74: 莫妄想話 Drop Deluded Thought 
Case 75: 錯用心話 Misusing the Mind  
Case 76: 仰山枕子 Yangshan’s Headrest   
Case 77: 三佛夜話 The Three Buddhas’ Night Talk  
Case 78: 馬祖翫月 Mazu’s Moon Viewing  
Case 79: 佛不知有 The Buddhas Don’t Know It 
Case 80: 臨濟孤峰 Linji’s “Solitary Peak” 
Case 81: 語黙離微 Speech and Silence  
Case 82: 仰山白槌 Yangshan’s Gavel 
Case 83: 六祖風幡 The Sixth Patriarch’s Banner in the Wind 
Case 84: 五家評商 Comments on the Five Houses 
Case 85: 百草頭話 All the Plants  
Case 86: 願空諸有 Know the Emptiness of All That Exists  
Case 87: 女子定答 Why the Woman Came Out of Samadhi 
Case 88: 見色明心 To See Form and Enlighten the Mind 
Case 89: 別峰相見 A Meeting on Another Mountain 
Case 90: 南泉水牯 Nanquan’s “Water Buffalo”  
Case 91: 雲門三句 Yunmen’s Three Statements  
Case 92: 薫風自南 A Fragrant Breeze from the South  
Case 93: 百丈開田 Baizhang’s New Paddy  
Case 94: 華嚴心喩 The Avataṃsaka Sutra’s Simile of the Mind 
Case 95: 運庵反衣 Yun’an Returns the Vestment 
Case 96: 讚六祖偈 A Verse in Praise of the Sixth Patriarch 
Case 97: 一子出家 When Someone Is Ordained 
Case 98: 圜悟投機 Yuanwu’s Enlightenment Verse  
Case 99: 夾山境話 Jiashan’s Surroundings  
Case 100: 袈裟裏鞋 Straw Sandals in My Vestment 
Case 101: 夾山掘坑 Jiashan Digs a Hole  
Case 102: 朝聞夕死 Hear in the Morning, Die in the Evening 
Case 103: 平常是道 Ordinary Mind Is the Way 
Case 104: 井楼請救 Calling for Help from the Well Tower  
Case 105: 路逢死蛇 A Dead Snake in the Road  
Case 106: 慈明行心 Ciming’s Practice  
Case 107: 大燈三問 Daitō’s Three Questions  
Case 108: 維摩金粟 Vimalakīrti, the Golden-Millet Tathāgata 
Case 109: 胡子無鬚 The Barbarian Has No Beard
Case 110: 心不是佛 Mind Is Not Buddha  
Case 111: 清税孤貧 Qingshui, Poor and Alone 
Case 112: 維摩丈室 Vimalakīrti’s Ten-Foot-Square Room
Case 113: 佛性三轉 Foxing’s Three Turning-Phrases  
Case 114: 世尊初生 When the Buddha Was Born 
Case 115: 南泉失火 Nanquan Loses the Fire 
Case 116: 潙山摘茶 Guishan Picks Tea
Case 117: 百丈不食 Baizhang’s “No Eating” 
Case 118: 南嶽說似 Nanyue’s Explanation  
Case 119: 洛浦供養 Luopu’s “Offerings” 
Case 120: 雲門一曲 Yunmen’s Tune  
Case 121: 趙州救火 Zhaozhou’s “Put Out the Fire!”  
Case 122: 黄檗烏藤 Huangbo’s Staff   
Case 123: 濟下三評 Comparing Three Students of Linji 
Case 124: 世尊蓮目 The World-Honored-One’s Lotus Eyes  
Case 125: 東西密付 The Secret Transmission from West to East  
Case 126: 孔子一變 Confucius’s “Changes”  
Case 127: 治生商業 Earning a Living and Producing Things  

Entangling Vines, Part 2

Case 128: 徳山燒疏 Deshan Burns His Commentaries  
Case 129: 洞山地神 Dongshan and the Earth Spirit 
Case 130: 興化罰銭 Xinghua Levies a Fine  
Case 131: 麻谷手巾 Magu and the Hand-Cloth  
Case 132: 疎山壽塔Shushan’s Memorial Tombstone  
Case 133: 塡王思佛 King Udayana Thinks of the Buddha  
Case 134: 首山竹篦 Shoushan’s Stick  
Case 135: 世尊拈華 The World-Honored-One Holds Up a Flower  
Case 136: 迦葉刹竿 Mahākāśyapa’s Temple Flagpole \
Case 137: 廣慧罪業 Guanghui’s “Evil Karma”   
Case 138: 乾峰一路 Qianfeng’s “Single Road”  
Case 139: 南嶽磨塼 Nanyue Polishes a Tile  
Case 140: 兜率茘支 Doushuai’s Lychees   
Case 141: 佛境魔境 Realm of the Buddha, Realm of Mara 
Case 142: 松源三轉 Songyuan’s Three Turning-Phrases  
Case 143: 虛堂三問 Xutang’s Three Questions  
Case 144: 大燈三轉 Daitō’s Three Turning-Phrases
Case 145: 南泉住庵 Nanquan Living in a Hermitage  
Case 146: 慈明榜字 Ciming’s Signpost 
Case 147: 慈明盆水 Ciming’s Bowl of Water 
Case 148: 鐘声七條 Putting on Your Vestment at the Sound of the Bell
Case 149: 微細流注 Subtle Flow 
Case 150: 法雲示衆 Fayun Addresses the Assembly  
Case 151: 仰山撲鏡 Yangshan Smashes a Mirror   
Case 152: 雲門擧令 Yunmen’s Sermon   
Case 153: 陳操登楼 Chen Cao in a Tower  
Case 154: 婆子燒庵 An Old Woman Burns Down a Hermitage 
Case 155: 別有生涯 A Different Way of Doing Things 
Case 156: 一言駟馬 One Word and a Four-Horse Team 
Case 157: 法身喫飯 The Dharmakāya Eats Food
Case 158: 虛堂兩字 Xutang’s “Words”   
Case 159: 臨濟三句 The Three Statements of Linji 
Case 160: 華嚴法界 The Avataṃsaka Sutra’s Dharma Realms
Case 161: 洞山夏末 Dongshan’s “End of the Training Period” 
Case 162: 曹山大海 Caoshan’s “Great Sea”   
Case 163: 毘婆尸頌 The Verse of Vipaśyin 
Case 164: 雲門失通 Yunmen Loses His Powers  
Case 165: 殃崛産難 Aṅgulimāla and the Difficult Delivery  
Case 166: 巖頭渡子 Yantou the Ferryman 
Case 167: 麻谷鋤草 Magu Digs Up Weeds   
Case 168: 皓月償債 Haoyue’s “Paying Debts” 
Case 169: 大燈鐡話 Daitō’s “Iron”  
Case 170: 佛教祖意 Buddha’s Teaching, Bodhidharma’s Intention 
Case 171: 末後評頌 Comment and Verse on the Final Word 
Case 172: 慈明執爨 Ciming Tends the Hearth 
Case 173: 慈明虎聲 Ciming and the Tiger’s Roar 
Case 174: 慈明脱履 Ciming Takes Off a Shoe 
Case 175: 關山本有 Kanzan’s “Inherently Perfect Buddha”
Case 176: 臨濟赤肉 Linji’s “Hunk of Red Flesh”   
Case 177: 臨濟四境 Linji’s Four Realms  
Case 178: 臨濟四喝 Linji’s Four Shouts 
Case 179: 一喝商量 One Shout Remains  
Case 180: 臨濟主句 Linji’s “Host and Guest” 
Case 181: 四賓主話 The Four Guest-Host Relationships    
Case 182: 百丈再參 Baizhang Goes to See Mazu Again  
Case 183-1: 慈明連喝 Ciming’s Consecutive Shouts  
Case 183-2: 虛堂幽谷 Xutang’s Dark Valley  
Case 184: 興化兩遭 Xinghua’s Two Waves of the Hand 
Case 185: 南院啐啄 Nanyuan’s “Pecking and Tapping” 
Case 186: 虛堂拄杖 Xutang’s Staff 
Case 187: 臨濟築拳 Linji Delivers a Blow  
Case 188: 洞山三頓 Dongshan’s “Three-Score Blows”  
Case 189: 慈明論棒 Ciming Asks about the Three-Score Blows  
Case 190: 州勘庵主 Zhaozhou Checks Two Hermits  
Case 191: 瑯瑘先照 Langye’s “Perception First”   
Case 192: 臨濟栽松 Linji Plants Pines 
Case 193: 百丈說了 Baizhang’s “Already Explained”  
Case 194: 徳山行棒 Deshan Uses His Stick  
Case 195: 臨濟瞎驢  Linji’s “Blind Ass”
Case 196: 張拙看經 Zhang Zhuo Sees the Sutra  
Case 197: 南方一棒 The Staff of the South 
Case 198: 文殊來參 Mañjuśrī Visits 
Case 199: 一拳拳倒 To Knock Down with One Blow  
Case 200: 雪峰打僧 Xuefeng Strikes a Monk 
Case 201: 善財採藥 Sudhana Gets Some Medicine  
Case 202: 投子答佛 Touzi Answers “Buddha”  
Case 203: 雲門喚遠 Yunmen Calls Attendant Chengyuan
Case 204: 楞厳轉物 The Śūraṅgama Sutra’s “Turning Things Around”  
Case 205: 守廓跛鼈 Shoukuo’s “Lame Nag” 
Case 206: 長沙翫月 Changsha Enjoys the Moon  
Case 207-1: 臨濟洗脚 Linji Washes His Feet 
Case 207-2: 松源上堂 Songyuan Takes the High Seat  
Case 208: 臨濟四料 Linji’s Four Positions 
Case 209: 陸亙笑哭 Lu Gen’s Laughing and Crying  
Case 210: 臨濟四用 Linji’s Four Functions  
Case 211: 乾峰擧一  Qianfeng’s “Take Up the One” 
Case 212: 文殊起見  Mañjuśrī Gives Rise to Views 
Case 213: 徹翁遺誡  Tettō’s Admonitions 
Case 214: 無邊刹境 The Infinite Realms 
Case 215: 樂天問法 Letian Asks about the Dharma  
Case 216: 浮盃答婆 Fubei Answers a Woman  
Case 217: 色即是空 Form Is Emptiness  
Case 218: 臨濟教化 Linji Asks for Alms 
Case 219: 趙州爐話 Zhaozhou’s “Talk around the Fireside”  
Case 220: 潙山擧米 Guishan Picks Up a Grain of Rice  
Case 221: 常侍看毬 Changshi Watches a Polo Game 
Case 222: 福田惡道 No Merit, Evil Realms 
Case 223: 清浄本然 Pure Original Nature 
Case 224: 荒草不鋤 An Uncut Weed Patch 
Case 225: 金翅鳥王 The Garuḍa King  
Case 226: 折半裂三 Split in Two, Torn in Three  
Case 227: 斎僧功徳 The Merit of Donating Food to the Sangha 
Case 228: 瑯瑘洪鐘 Langye’s “Great Bell”  
Case 229: 法無二法 In the Dharma There Is No Duality  
Case 230: 菩提宿將 A Veteran General of the Dharma Assembly  
Case 231: 莊嚴三昧 Flower Adornment Samadhi  
Case 232: 一切放下 Let Go of Everything 
Case 233: 撃動法鼓 Sound the Dharma Drum 
Case 234: 心地含種 The Mind-Ground Contains the Seeds 
Case 235: 空空法界 The Dharma Realm of the Emptiness of Emptiness
Case 236: 一法若有 If a Single Dharma Exists 
Case 237: 補陀巖上 Atop Mount Putuo 
Case 238: 圓相因起 The Origin of the Circle-Figures  
Case 239: 宏智四借 Hongzhi’s Four “Uses”   
Case 240: 生解未分 After Birth and Before Discrimination  
Case 241: 智不到處 Where Wisdom Cannot Reach  
Case 242: 古徳大死 An Ancient Worthy’s “Great Death” 
Case 243: 慧覺無罪 Huijue’s “No Sin” 
Case 244: 宏智八句 The Eight Phrases of Hongzhi
Case 245: 踏著不嗔 To Be Stepped On without Anger  
Case 246: 月夜斷索 A Piece of Rope on a Moonlit Night 
Case 247: 憲宗問光 Xianzong Asks about the Light  
Case 248: 大王来也 The Great King Has Come  
Case 249: 路逢逹道 Responding to a Wayfarer on the Road 
Case 250: 黄檗禮佛 Huangbo Bows to a Buddha Image 
Case 251: 那吒析肉 Prince Nata Tears His Flesh 
Case 252: 隱峰推車 Yinfeng Pushes a Wheelbarrow
Case 253: 關山罵僧 Kanzan Scolds a Monk  
Case 254: 許老胡知 I Accept That the Old Barbarian Knows  
Case 255: 十智同眞 Ten Realizations, Same Reality 
Case 256: 天皇恁麼 Tianhuang’s “Like This” 
Case 257: 夾山法身 Jiashan’s “Dharmakāya”  
Case 258: 茶陵投機 Chaling’s Enlightenment Verse  
Case 259: 白雲未在 Baiyun’s “Still Lacking”
Case 260: 太宗擎鉢 Taizong Holds a Bowl 
Case 261: 斷百思想 Stop All Thoughts  
Case 262: 趙州石橋 Zhaozhou’s Stone Bridge  
Case 263: 佛早留心 A Buddha Long Ago Set His Mind  
Case 264: 洞山果子 Dongshan’s Fruit  
Case 265: 長慶拄杖 Changqing’s Staff
Case 266: 僧被蛇齩 A Monk Is Bitten by a Snake  
Case 267: 國師水椀 The National Teacher’s Water Bowl  
Case 268: 三界輪廻 Moving through the Three Realms  
Case 269: 明眼落井 A Clear-Eyed Person Falls into a Well  
Case 270-1: 首山綱宗 Shoushan’s Principles of the Teaching  
Case 270-2: 拖泥帶水 Filthy, Stagnant Water  
Case 271: 撲落非他 The Sound of the Wood Isn’t Separate from Me 
Case 272: 南泉遷化 Nanquan’s Death 

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