Enlightenment to Go - Table of Contents

Shantideva and the Power of Compassion to Transform Your Life


288 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861717576

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Part I: Developing the Compassionate Mind of Enlightenment

1. The Choice of Awakening
2. The Big Picture or the Here and Now?  
3. Inner Experience or Outer Appearance?          
4. Shifting the Focus from Self to Other    
5. Bodhichitta: The Compassionate Mind of Enlightenment       

Part II: The Compassionate Mind of Enlightenment in Practice

6. Open Heart, Open Hand: The Perfection of Generosity           
7. A Practical Approach to Ethics    
8. Thank Buddha for Aggravation! The Perfection of Patience  
9. Mindfulness and the Yoga of Coffee Drinking  
10. Breaking the Cycle of Dissatisfaction   
11. The Four Laws of Spiritual Success     
12. Our Greatest Teacher    
13. Feeding the Good Wolf  
14. Emptiness and Santa Claus      
15. Adventures in Inner Space       
16. The Eight Worldly Dharmas     
17. A Code of Conduct for Awakening Beings       
18. Dedication          

Appendix: How to Meditate
Further Reading       
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