Engaging Dogen's Zen - Praise

How are the teachings of a thirteenth-century master relevant today? Twenty contemporary writers unpack Dogen’s words and show how we can still find meaning in his teachings.



296 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9781614292548

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ISBN 9781614292692

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“A rich and invaluable collection reflecting Dogen’s unique wisdom.”—Roshi Joan Halifax, Abbot, Upaya Zen Center

Engaging Dogen’s Zen is a wonderful collection of essays inquiring into the meaning of Dogen’s teaching and practice in the twentieth-first century, written by a number of sincere practitioner-scholars engaged in an examination of Shushogi and Fukanzazengi. I recommend this book to all Zen practitioners and all people who are interested in Buddhism and spirituality presently and in the future.”—Shohaku Okumura, author of Realizing Genjokoan

“The right foot of mental clarity rests on the left thigh of continuous practice. The left foot of poised engagement rests on the right thigh of tradition. Even while ‘just sitting,’ Dogen says we can walk the Way of the Buddhas. The remarkable essays in this volume, all personal expressions of thoughtful practice and compassionate engagement, collectively serve as a field guide to that Way, bringing philosophical insight, experience, and discipline to what Dogen called the “oneness of bodymind,” the true sense of feeling whole.”—Thomas P. Kasulis, author of Intimacy or Integrity