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Introduction: A New Buddhism (Christopher S. Queen)

Engaged Buddhism as Peacemaking

All Buddhism Is Engaged: Thich Nhat Hanh and the Order of Interbeing (Patricia Hunt-Perry and Lyn Fine)
Speaking Truth to Power: The Buddhist Peace Fellowship (Judith Simmer-Brown)
Glassman Roshi and the Peacemaker Order: Three Encounters (Christopher S. Queen)
Walking for Peace: Nipponzan Myohoji (Paula Green)

Engaging the Issues: Environment, Race, Human Rights

To Save All Beings: Buddhist Environmental Activism (Stephanie Kaza)
Racial Diversity in the Soka Gakkai (David W. Chappell)
The Free Tibet Movement: A Selective Narrative (John Powers)

Identity Politics: Gender, Sexual Orientation, Ethnicity

Activist Women in American Buddhism (Susan Moon)
Gay Buddhist Fellowship (Roger Corless)
Social Action among Toronto’s Asian Buddhists (Janet McLellan)

Engaging the Institutions: Health, Education, Prisons, Commerce

Meditation, Healing, and Stress Reduction (Andrew Olendzki)
Naropa Institute:The Engaged Academy (Robert Goss)
The Angulimala Lineage: Buddhist Prison Ministries (Virginia Cohn Parkum and J. Anthony Stultz)
Work as Dharma Practice: Right Livelihood Cooperatives of the FWBO (Martin Baumann)

Engaged Buddhism in Europe, Africa, and Australia

A Survey of Engaged Buddhism in Britain (Sandra Bell)
Engaged Buddhism in German-Speaking Europe (Franz-Johannes Litsch)
Engaged Buddhism in South Africa (Darrell Wratten)
Engaged Buddhism in Australia (Roderick S. Bucknell)

Looking Ahead

New Voices in Engaged Buddhist Studies (Kenneth Kraft)

List of Contributors