Ending the Pursuit of Happiness - Table of Contents

A Zen Guide


208 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861715534

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Chapter One: Our Secret Practice           

1. What Is Meditation?
2. Why Are We (Really) Meditating?
3. Three Stages of Practice  

Chapter Two: The Zen Way, the Psychoanalytic Way

1. Zen and Psychoanalysis
2. What Is the Self?
3. Psychologically-Minded Zen
4. Learning from Problems

Chapter Three: Ordinary Life      

1. Your Ordinary Mind Is the Way
2. Ordinary or Special?        
3. Psychological versus Spiritual Insight   

Chapter Four: The Search for Enlightenment?

1. Flypaper    
2. That’s Me  
3. You’re Perfect, and You Can Use a Little Improvement          
4. Rinzai’s “Buji” Zen
5. If This Was It        

Chapter Five: Body and Mind

1. The First Noble Truth      
2. Thinking about Thinking
3. Spiritual versus Material 
4. Sitting Long Becomes Tiring       
5. Three Buddhas    

Chapter Six: Love, Sex, and Compassion

1. Desire and Suffering       
2. Asses and Horses 
3. Thomas Merton in Love  

Chapter Seven: Relationships

1. Being Alone           
2. Attachment and Detachment     
3. If It Is Broke…Fix It          
4. A Mother’s Kiss    

Chapter Eight: Who, What, and Why

1. Why Practice?       
2. Who’s Listening?  
3. The Meaning of Life         

Chapter Nine: Something or Nothing

1. Doing Nothing      
2. Not Knowing         
3. No Helping

Chapter Ten: It’s A Mystery To Me

1. A Pilgrimage         
2. Angels        
3. Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Conclusion: No Path, No Wisdom, and No Gain           

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