Ending the Pursuit of Happiness - Praise

A Zen Guide


208 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861715534

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ISBN 9780861719761

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“This is an exceptional work, majestic in its scope and clarity. Barry Magid presents a mature vision and he does it with utmost care and intelligence. I really loved this book.—Mark Epstein, MD, author of Thoughts without a Thinker and Psychotherapy without the Self

Ending the Pursuit of Happiness is destined to become a classic. Magid has written a guide to Zen practice that is inspired by a deep understanding of the essence of both Zen and psychoanalysis. He systematically exposes and dismantles the subtle fantasies that keep us trapped in our futile attempts to transcend the human condition. Magid speaks with an authentic voice that is wise, sly and subversive. There is not a false note here. In an era dominated by the pursuit of quick fixes and the growing medicalization of the mental health field, this book provides a radical and vitally important challenge to the prevailing cultural ethos.—Jeremy D. Safran, PhD, professor and director of clinical psychology, New School for Social Research, and editor of Psychoanalysis and Buddhism

Ending the Pursuit of Happiness takes a Zen approach to meditation and spirituality, arguing that meditation shouldn’t be a conscious effort to treat spiritual or physical ailments.Newsweek

“Thought-provoking. Magid makes us reflect on why and how we practice, challenging common assumptions and hidden agendas directly.—Martine Batchelor, author of Let Go: A Buddhist Guide to Breaking Free of Habits