Eloquent Silence - Table of Contents

Nyogen Senzaki’s Gateless Gate and Other Previously Unpublished Teachings and Letters


456 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861715596

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Foreword by Eido Shimano
Introduction by Roko Sherry Chayat         


Part I: Commentaries on the Gateless Gate
Introductory Comments      
Mumon’s Introduction                                
Case One: Joshu’s Dog         
Case Two: Hyakujo’s Fox     
Case Three: Gutei’s Finger                          
Case Four: A Beardless Foreigner  
Case Five: Kyogen’s Man in a Tree
Case Six: Buddha Twirls a Flower  
Case Seven: Joshu’s “Wash Your Bowl”     
Case Eight: Keichu’s Wheel
Case Nine: A Buddha before History         
Case Ten: Seizei Alone and Poor    
Case Eleven: Joshu Examines a Hermit Monk in Meditation      
Case Twelve: Zuigan Calls His Own Master           
Case Thirteen: Tokusan Holds His Bowls  
Case Fourteen: Nansen Cuts the Cat in Two                     
Case Fifteen: Tozan’s Three Blows 
Case Sixteen: The Bell and the Ceremonial Robe 
Case Seventeen: The Three Calls of the Emperor’s Teacher      
Case Eighteen: Tozan’s Three Pounds
Case Nineteen: Everyday Life Is the Path
Case Twenty: The Man of Great Strength 
Case Twenty-one: Dried Dung
Case Twenty-two: Kashyapa’s Preaching Sign     
Case Twenty-three: Think Neither Good, Nor Not-Good  
Case Twenty-four: Without Speech, Without Silence      
Case Twenty-five: Preaching from the Third Seat           
Case Twenty-six: Two Monks Roll Up the Screen 
Case Twenty-seven: It Is Not Mind, It Is Not Buddha, It Is Not Things  
Case Twenty-eight: Ryutan Blows Out the Candle           
Case Twenty-nine: Not the Wind, Not the Flag     
Case Thirty: This Mind Is Buddha 
Case Thirty-one: Joshu Investigates          
Case Thirty-two: A Philosopher Asks Buddha      
Case Thirty-three: This Mind Is Not Buddha                    
Case Thirty-four: Wisdom Is Not the Path
Case Thirty-five: Two Souls
Case Thirty-six: Meeting a Master on the Road    
Case Thirty-seven: The Cypress Tree in the Garden       
Case Thirty-eight: A Buffalo Passes through an Enclosure
Case Thirty-nine: Ummon’s Off the Track 
Case Forty: Tipping Over a Water Vessel  
Case Forty-one: Bodhidharma Pacifies the Mind 
Case Forty-two: The Woman Comes Out from Meditation          
Case Forty-three: Shuzan’s Short Staff                  
Case Forty-four: Basho’s Staff                     
Case Forty-five: Who Is It?  
Case Forty-six: Proceed from the Top of the Pole
Case Forty-seven: The Three Barriers of Tosotsu
Case Forty-eight: One Path of Kempo Amban’s Addition

Part II : Commentaries on the Blue Rock Collection     
Case One: I Know Not          
Case Two: The Ultimate Path         
Case Eight: Suigan’s Eyebrows       
Case Twelve: Tozan’s Three Pounds of Flax         
Case Twenty-two: Seppo’s Cobra

Part III : Commentaries on the Book of Equanimity 
Chapter One: Buddha Takes His Preaching Seat 
Chapter Two: Bodhidharma Walks Out from Samskrita 

Part IV: Dharma Talks and Essays 
An Ideal Buddhist    
A Meeting with Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan  
Seven Treasures, Part One 
Seven Treasures, Part Two 
Seven Treasures, Part Three
The Ten Stages of Consciousness
How to Study Buddhism         
Zen Buddhism in the Light of Modern Thought   
Buddhism and Women                   
Obaku’s Transmission of Mind, Part One  
Obaku’s Transmission of Mind, Part Two 
Obaku’s Transmission of Mind, Part Three                      
Obaku’s Transmission of Mind, Part Four 
Esoteric Buddhism in Japan
Shingon Teachings   
What Is Zen? An Evening Chat       
What Does a Buddhist Monk Want?          
On Zen Meditation   
On The Lotus of the Wonderful Law: Introducing Soen Nakagawa       
Bankei’s Zen 

Part V: Calligraphies and Selected Poems  
“Opening words of Wyoming Zendo”        
“Evacuees make poinsettia”                       
“Autumn came naturally”
“In this part of plateau”
“This desert on the plateau”          
“My uta ( Japanese ode)”   
“Those who live without unreasonable desires”  
“The mother was named an enemy-alien”           
“Naked mountains afar!”    
“No spring in this plateau” 
“Closing the meditation hall”          
“This world is the palace of enlightenment”        
“Until now the radiant moon”                    
Bodhidharma Commemoration                  
Celebration of Buddha’s Birth        
Translations of Three Poems by Jakushitsu
Commemoration of Soyen Shaku   
Thirty-third Commemoration of Soyen Shaku     

Part VI : The Autobiography of Soyen Shaku
(Translated and with Comments by Nyogen Senzaki)

Part  VII :  Correspondence
To Soyen Shaku, December 25, 189?        
To Soyen Shaku, March 21, 1905  
The Purpose of Establishing Tozen Zenkutsu, April 8, 1931
Article and Related Letters to the Editor, Second General Conference of Pan-Pacific
Young Buddhist Associations, 1934           
Exchange with Myra A. Stall, July 11 and 16, 1956         
Newly Translated Correspondence           

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