Eihei Dōgen: Mystical Realist - Table of Contents

Revised, Third Edition


Foreword to the Wisdom Edition (By Taigen Dan Leighton)
Preface to the Wisdom Edition       
Foreword to the Previous Edition by Robert Aitken
Preface to the First Edition

1. Toward a Total Understanding of Zen          

2. Dōgen’s Life

The Historical and Social Background of Early Kamakura Japan           
Early Childhood: Initiation into Impermanence   
Apprenticeship in Buddhism          
Transmission and Transformation of the Way in Japan

3. Activity, Expression, and Understanding     

The Rightly Transmitted Buddha-Dharma           
Zazen-Only: The Prototype of Ultimate Meaninglessness           
Creative Activities    
Creative Expressions           
The Actional Understanding           

4. The Religion and Metaphysics of Buddha-Nature   

Two Strands of Mahāyāna Idealism          
Mind: Beyond Monistic Pantheism and Reductionistic Phenomenalism           
Existence and Time
Religious Life and Buddha-Nature

5. Monastic Asceticism: The Way of Ritual and Morality      

Background of Zen Monasticism    
Purity and Purification        
Nature: The Mountains and Waters          
The Bodhisattva Ideal
The Problem of Good and Evil
Monastic Education


A. Chronology of Dōgen’s Life         
B. Major Works by Dōgen    
C. Names of the Ninety-two Chapters of the Shōbōgenzō

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