Eihei Dōgen: Mystical Realist - Table of Contents

Revised, Third Edition


368 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861713769

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Foreword to the Wisdom Edition (By Taigen Dan Leighton)
Preface to the Wisdom Edition       
Foreword to the Previous Edition by Robert Aitken
Preface to the First Edition

1. Toward a Total Understanding of Zen          

2. Dōgen’s Life

The Historical and Social Background of Early Kamakura Japan           
Early Childhood: Initiation into Impermanence   
Apprenticeship in Buddhism          
Transmission and Transformation of the Way in Japan

3. Activity, Expression, and Understanding     

The Rightly Transmitted Buddha-Dharma           
Zazen-Only: The Prototype of Ultimate Meaninglessness           
Creative Activities    
Creative Expressions           
The Actional Understanding           

4. The Religion and Metaphysics of Buddha-Nature   

Two Strands of Mahāyāna Idealism          
Mind: Beyond Monistic Pantheism and Reductionistic Phenomenalism           
Existence and Time
Religious Life and Buddha-Nature

5. Monastic Asceticism: The Way of Ritual and Morality      

Background of Zen Monasticism    
Purity and Purification        
Nature: The Mountains and Waters          
The Bodhisattva Ideal
The Problem of Good and Evil
Monastic Education


A. Chronology of Dōgen’s Life         
B. Major Works by Dōgen    
C. Names of the Ninety-two Chapters of the Shōbōgenzō

Works Consulted      
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