Drinking the Mountain Stream - Table of Contents

Songs of Tibet’s Beloved Saint, Milarepa


188 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861710638

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Milarepa’s World     
The Buddhist System of Liberation           
The Kagyu Lineage of Buddhist Practice  
Milarepa’s Personal Style    

The Songs    

About the Songs       
1. Milarepa Tells His Story  
2. Song for Poor Patrons     
3. Mila’s Song in the Rain    
4. Mila Meets a Yogi 
5. Symbols for Yogic Experience    
6. Song of the Path Guides  
7. Song of Experience in Clear Light Cave 
8. Rechungpa’s Confusion   
9. Mila’s Meeting with Dampa Sangye
10. Song of the Horned Staff          
11. Elimination of Desires   
12. Mila Gains a Young Woman Disciple at a Village Feast          
13. Mila Resurrects an Old Woman           
14. From the “Six Vajra Songs”       
15. Mila Visits a Religious Center   
16. Confrontation with a Bön Priest          
17. Mila’s Journey Inspired by a Dream   
18. Is Milarepa Dying?         
Closing Verse            



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