The Door to Satisfaction - Foreword

The Heart Advice of a Tibetan Buddhist Master


192 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861713103

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About a thousand years ago in Tibet, the incomparable Atisha, author of the text Lamp on the Path to Enlightenment, founded the precious Kadampa tradition. His closest disciple was Dromtön Gyalwai Jungne, whose coming was foretold by the goddess Tara. Dromtönpa’s three foremost followers, one of whom was Potowa Rinchen Sel, were renowned as the three Kadam brothers. Geshe Langri Tangpa Dorje Seng-ge was a direct disciple of Geshe Potowa.

It was through these masters that the essence of this experiential tradition—the subduing of the eight worldly dharmas, the spurning of the concerns of this present existence and the training in the mind of enlightenment by way of cherishing others above self—came to be revered as the most precious practice of the early Kadam tradition.

The New Kadam tradition was handed down by the great Lama Tsongkhapa and his main spiritual son, Khedrub Rinpoche.  One  of their direct followers was Chen-nga Lodrö Gyaltsen, and it was he who composed the present text, Opening the Door of Dharma: The Initial Stage of Training the Mind in the Graduated Path to Enlightenment.

This work is akin to a key that opens the entrance to that class of instructions that encourages beginning practitioners to turn their thoughts toward Dharma. As such it will prove highly beneficial to those who are interested. In the case of Lama Zopa Rinpoche it has acted as the basis of some very genuine Dharma experience.

I therefore wholeheartedly welcome and rejoice at the appearance of these teachings on the text. I would also like to offer a sincere prayer that this book will contribute to the turning of the thoughts of all beings toward the Dharma and lead them swiftly to the joy and peace of enlightenment.

Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche
Dharamsala, India