The Door of Liberation - Praise

Essential Teachings of the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition


264 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861710324

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eBook Bundle (PDF, epub, mobi)


ISBN 9780861718337

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“A truly fine introduction to Tibetan Buddhism as a way of life and thought... The venerable geshe selects a mosaic of teachings that provides useful keys to liberation for the contemporary reader.”—Robert A.F. Thurman, Columbia University

“Strongly recommended as an introduction to one of the world’s great religions.”—NAPRA ReVIEW

“The scholar-adept Geshe Wangyal was the first to bring Tibetan Buddhism to America. He had extraordinary love and humor as well as ferocity. He taught untiringly... To live with him was to live with emptiness.”—Jeffrey Hopkins, Professor of Religious Studies, University of Virginia

“This book is a gem for students of Vajrayana, but even non-Buddhists can benefit from studying the wisdom of some of the greatest masters of the Buddhist tradition.”—The Quest

“This excellent book is an authentic Buddhist manual for all kinds of readers—beginners as well as advanced... very smooth and readable translations...”—The Tibet Journal