Dōgen’s Extensive Record (Hardcover) - Table of Contents

A Translation of the Eihei Kōroku


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Foreword by Tenshin Reb Anderson

Introduction by Taigen Dan Leighton           

Overview of Dōgen’s Teaching Career      

The Move to Echizen           

The Significance of Eihei Kōroku in Dōgen’s Writings

The Question of Shifts in Dōgen’s Teachings        

Dōgen’s Great Disciples and the Spread of Sōtō Zen in Japan    

Other Disciples         

Dōgen’s Use of Kōans          

The Eihei Kōroku Text and Translation Notes

The Jōdō (Dharma Hall Discourses), Volumes 1–7          

The Shōsan (Informal Meetings) and Hōgo (Dharma Words), Volume 8         

Kōans and Juko (Verse Comments), Volume 9     

The Poems, Volume 10        

Using Eihei Kōroku as a Practice Tool       


The Significance of Eihei Kōroku and Its Translation by Steven Heine 

Dōgen and Kōans by John Daido Loori        

“On Reading Eihei Kōroku” by Ryōkan (1758–1831)        

Eihei Kōroku

Volume 1.       Dharma Hall Discourses 1–126        (1236–1243)          

Volume 2.       Dharma Hall Discourses 127–184  (1245–1246)            151

Volume 3.       Dharma Hall Discourses 185–257  (1246–1248)            205

Volume 4.       Dharma Hall Discourses 258–345  (1248–1249)            253

Volume 5.       Dharma Hall Discourses 346–413  (1249–1251)            311

Volume 6.       Dharma Hall Discourses 414–470  (1251)                     371

Volume 7.       Dharma Hall Discourses 471–531  (1251–1252)            421

Volume 8.                              

Informal Meetings 1–20     

Dharma Words 1–14           


Volume 9.   Kōans with Verse Comments 1–90    

Volume 10. Poetry   

Verses of Praise on Portraits 1–5   

[Dōgen’s] Verses of Praise on Portraits of Himself 1–20

Assorted Verses 1–125       


Chronological Index of Dharma Hall Discourses with Dates       

Index and Glossary of Names         

Pinyin Names with Japanese Transliterations and Kanji

Index of Translators’ Names of Dharma Hall Discourses

General Index           


Selected Bibliography
About the Translators