The Dharma of Star Wars - Table of Contents



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ISBN 9780861714971

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Section I: The Dharma of Star Wars

  1. The Jedi Art of Mindfulness and Concentration   
  2. The Dark Side Within          
  3. Ignorance: The Shroud of the Dark Side   
  4. Anakin, Leia, and the Five Aggregates of Self        
  5. Escaping Tatooine and the Cause of Suffering     
  6. Knowing the Good Side from the Dark Side         
  7. Darth Vader’s Karma  
  8. Nirvana and The Way of the Force   
  9. The Eightfold Path That Transcends the Dark Side  
  10. Luke Skywalker’s Practice of Wisdom  
  11. Transforming Our Jar Jar Nature

Section II: The Padawan Handbook

Zen Contemplations for the Would-Be Jedi 
Afterword: The Jedi and Violence

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