The Dharma of Star Wars - Praise

A New Revised and Expanded Edition



176 pages, 5x8 inches


ISBN 9781614292869

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ISBN 9780861718283

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“With humor, strong examples, and timeless wisdom, Bortolin offers a new way to think about a pop culture phenomenon. Lead us to Yoda, he does.”—Publishers Weekly

“Bortolin’s book succeeds as one of the most in-depth investigations into Star Wars likely ever to have been written, and as an excellent introduction to Buddhism as well. Star Wars fans and Buddhists alike can thank Bortolin for bringing new relevance to the power of the Force.”—What Is Enlightenment? magazine

“A light-hearted exploration of the Star Wars movies, providing a new take on the six-part space fantasy epic. It’s a good introduction to teachings of Buddha, and how they infuse the characters of Star Wars...on both the light and dark sides of the force.”—SFRevu

“Bortolin’s book will appeal to Star Wars fans, to fellow Buddhists looking for insights from popular culture, and to people who are just curious about Buddhism.”—Saga Journal

“Star Wars fans will find Bortolin’s pleasant humor and simple directness immensely enjoyable and thought provoking, while longtime spiritual practitioners will discover a new and profound avenue into self-transformation.”—Robert A. Johnson, author of He and She and We and Owning Your Own Shadow and Inner Work and Contentment: A Way to True Happiness

“A must-read for anyone ever inspired by the wisdom of Yoda, the courage of Luke Skywalker or drawn to the dark side by Darth Vader.”—Noah Levine, author of Dharma Punx

“This will be a welcome and enlightening addition to Star Wars, opening up a new way to understand the narrative of this beloved series. Bortolin’s Padawan Handbook is especially useful.”—Sumi Loundon, editor of Blue Jean Buddha: Voices of Young Buddhists

“An interesting read [that] makes the Star Wars more profound and Buddhism more accessible.”—Eastern Horizon

“Whether you are a fan of Star Wars or not; whether you are a newcomer to Buddhist thought or a long-time practitioner, his light, yet richly rewarding approach provides a fresh perspective that should encourage deeper thinking and practice.”—Frank Jude Boccio, author of Mindfulness Yoga

“Bortolins’s use of “Star Wars” as a template for explaining the Dharma is innovative and spot on. Fans of either Yoda or the Buddha will find The Dharma of Star Wars an enjoyable, informative read.”—Keith Kachtick, author of Hungry Ghost

“The Star Wars saga takes place in a galaxy far, far away, but The Dharma of Star Wars demonstrates quite effectively that the universal truths that George Lucas explores are very much rooted in the here and now. Bortolin takes readers on a journey like no other—into their own hearts, minds and spirits.”—Jeff Cioletti, producer/director, Millennium’s End: The Fandom Menace

“Wise and accessible book.”—Jana Riess, author of What Would Buffy Do?

“Whether you interpret ‘The Force’ as being Nirvana or the Holy Spirit, finding spirituality in ‘Star Wars’ can bring that galaxy far, far away a lot closer to home.”—Newsweek

“This entertaining and insightful primer provides a useful service to future film buffs who want to better understand the real-life religion behind this popular fictional world. Bortolin succeeds in ferreting out some real wisdom from [the films], providing a Buddhist interpretation of the Jedi Way.”—Tricycle

“A clear and clever introduction to Buddhism. Bortolin’s work is an important contribution to the lexicon of modern Western Buddhist studies. The book draws an arc of meaning and wisdom across the centuries from the deer park to the pinnacle of 21st century pop culture.”—Ashé Journal