Describing the Indescribable - Praise

A Commentary on the Diamond Sutra


224 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861711864

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ISBN 9780861718269

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“The Diamond Sutra beats with two hearts: one is wisdom and the other is compassion. To be wise is to know and understand the essence of awareness. To be compassionate is to know and understand the essence of intention. In the Diamond Sutra, the Buddha shows us that ultimately, compassion and wisdom are one.”—from the Introduction by Master Hsing Yun

“A brilliant translation with a lucid and accessible commentary. Master Hsing Yun is truly a leading light of contemporary Chinese Buddhism.”—Professor Lance E. Nelson, University of San Diego

“A very important contribution to the study of Buddhism, ably and readably translated. I strongly recommend reading it.”—Ananda Guruge

“Master Hsing Yun is beloved for his approachable, down-to-earth religiousness and revered for his worldly wisdom. He offers a new perspective.”— Delivers Eastern Religion