Deep Down Things - Praise

The Earth in Celebration and Dismay


176 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861716111

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ISBN 9780861719228

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“Lin Jensen is hard to disagree with. If his previous book, Pavement, in which he chronicles his search for peace on city streets, was an ode to activism, Deep Down Things, is a tribute to what is buried underneath those streets, and to the life that grows between the sidewalk’s cracks. In Deep Down Things, Jensen’s writing takes on the quality of his subject: our living earth. Here, as in an old-growth forest, where individual trees fall to create gaps in the canopy, Jensen’s musings allow light to penetrate and support the understory. The understory in this small book is the environment—dirt, rain, wind, and root-and how we humans are bonded to it. Jensen considers this relationship from a perspective informed by the insights of deep ecology and his Buddhist background. A natural storyteller, he is at his best when he’s sharing bits of his own experience to demonstrate the dynamic between person and place, inner mind and outer space. He tells us of the Belgian draft horse named Bill who gave him his first glimpse of ‘the world of wide identification,’ and he recounts the memory of losing his family’s farm to developers in Southern California’s Orange County. Spirit, he seems to suggest, is what takes place when the human-earth dynamic is realized.”—Tricycle

“Lin Jensen touches on everything from earthworms to cooking vegetables to breaking down the barriers between self and other. Jensen’s writing is heartfelt. When I finish reading one of his essays, I feel as warm and fuzzy as if I’ve just watched a simple feel-good movie. But make no mistake—the lessons Jensen is teaching are profound.”—Shambhala Sun

“I am glad for my country and my world that Lin Jensen’s beautiful book will be a part of it.”—Joanna Macy, author of World as Lover, World as Self

“Our Buddhist Thoreau gets deep down into the roots of our disconnection from the earth and from each other-and how we can be healed.”—David R. Loy, author of The World is Made of Stories and Money, Sex, War, Karma

“Lin Jensen is an American original. He brings the insights of Buddhism, ecology and memoir together-giving us a way to take it all to heart and make it native.”—John Tarrant, Roshi, author of Bring Me The Rhinoceros & Other Zen Koans That Will Save your Life

“Lin Jensen is the clearest voice in Buddhism. Highly and urgently recommended.”—Karen Maezen Miller, author of Hand Wash Cold and Momma Zen