Daily Doses of Wisdom - Praise

A Year of Buddhist Inspiration

“100% organic healing Dharma. Effective for major and minor ailments of the heart.”—Kate Wheeler, editor of The State of Mind Called Beautiful



448 pages, 5 x 8 inches


ISBN 9781614291114

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ISBN 9781614291329

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“These days, we get plenty of ‘daily doses,’ many of which we could do without: advertising, social media, cynicism, aggression and competition... Daily Doses of Wisdom, on the other hand, represents an antidote to these, offering Buddhist inspirations that can help us realize the best in ourselves. From modern masters all the way back to the Buddha himself, these 365 teachings might sustain you not just for a year but a lifetime.”—Rod Meade Sperry, Shambhala Sun

“Select one of these profound and pithy insights and let it soak into your day. You will find it a simple yet powerful way to contemplate Buddhism’s great wisdom.”—Melvin McLeod, editor of The Best Buddhist Writing

“100% organic healing Dharma. Naturally sweet. Effective for major and minor ailments of the heart.”—Kate Wheeler, editor of The State of Mind Called Beautiful

“This is a fabulous collection. I couldn't stop reading them! Every time I dip into this treasure, I come away seeing the world with new eyes. This is a book to keep close by as a lifelong companion.”—Toni Bernhard, author of How to Be Sick and How to Wake Up

“Wisdom editor Josh Bartok is the unsung hero and mid-wife behind many modern Dharma classics, and in this new collection, he uses his keen eye and deep practice to gather jewels of wisdom from various sources that he knows so intimately. Enter this book anywhere, and you are sure to be inspired, instructed, and touched.” —Melissa Myozen Blacker, coeditor of The Book of Mu

“A wonderful collection! Wherever we look care, generosity and wisdom presents itself.” —James Ishmael Ford, author of If You’re Lucky, Your Heart Will Break

“Directions: Read one page a day. Can be taken with meal. Side effects may include insight, compassion, and wisdom. Stop immediately if experiencing nirvana.”—Sumi Loundon, author of Blue Jean Buddha

“It’s relatively easy to describe the basic teachings of the Buddha. What’s difficult is to remember to apply them to each moment of our lives. This deceptively simple little book can help. Filled with bite-sized gems of wisdom from many of the world’s most insightful Dharma teachers, it’s a wonderful companion for anyone interested in awakening to a richer, freer, more engaged and fulfilling life—right now.”—Ronald D. Siegel, author of The Mindfulness Solution

“Josh Bartok's Daily series has become a classic of year-long Buddhist inspiration.”—Lama Willa Miller, author of Everyday Dharma

“This little book is like running your fingers through a bowl of jewels. The totality of it is miraculous. And each gem is worthy of appreciating on its own. Read the whole thing. And then read each entry day by day. You’ll surely be rewarded by starting your day on the right foot.”—Barry Boyce, Editor-in-Chief of Mindful magazine and mindful.org