The Crystal Mirror of Philosophical Systems - Table of Contents

A Tibetan Study of Asian Religious Thought


696 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861714643

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General Editor’s Preface     
Translator’s Preface
Editor’s Introduction           
Map of Tibet 
Technical Note          

The Crystal Mirror: An Excellent Explanation Showing the Sources and Assertions of All Philosophical Systems

1. Preface      
2. Indian Schools
3.Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism         
4. The Nyingma Tradition   
5. The Kadam Tradition      
6. The Kagyü Tradition       
7. The Shijé Tradition          
8. The Sakya Tradition        
9. The Jonang and Minor Traditions          
10. The Geluk Tradition 1: Tsongkhapa    
11. The Geluk Tradition 2: Tsongkhapa’s Successors      
12. The Geluk Tradition 3: The Distinctiveness of Geluk 
13. The Bön Tradition         
14. Chinese Traditions 1: Non-Buddhist   
15. Chinese Traditions 2: Buddhist           
16. Central Asian Traditions           
17. Conclusion

Appendix: Detailed Outline of Thuken’s Text
Glossary of Enumerations   
About the Contributors