A Classical Tibetan Reader - Praise

Selections from Renowned Works with Custom Glossaries


160 pages, 7 x 10 inches


ISBN 9781614290797

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eBook Bundle (PDF, epub, mobi)


ISBN 9781614290971

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A Classical Tibetan Reader is a must read for beginning students of this rich language. Professor Yael Bentor skillfully and gently introduces students to classical Tibetan through the narratives of twelve famous stories. Her very helpful Tibetan-English glossaries supply the meanings specific to the context of each narrative, making this book an excellent gateway into the world of Tibetan literature.”—Sonam Thakchoe, University of Tasmania

“Congratulations are due to Yael Bentor for this Tibetan-language reader. As she points out herself, such a reader is long overdue. Selecting well-known stories for her texts means that the new student of Tibetan is not overwhelmed by jargon-filled philosophical or tantric material. The customized glossaries with translations suited to the context in the accompanying narratives will be a great help to the learner.”—Gavin Kilty, translator of A Lamp to Illuminate the Fives Stages

“This handsomely produced volume is a welcome tool for students of classical Tibetan. The carefully selected readings lead the student straight into the rich world of Tibetan writing on a wide range of topics—from stupas to saints to timeless wisdom. Each reading is an independent unit accompanied by a tailor-made glossary. Author Yael Bentor is one of the top scholars in the field of Tibetan studies. Drawing on twenty years teaching experience, she has produced a practical and user-friendly reader that will help train new generations to access one of the great world literatures.”—Peter Skilling