Christian Insight Meditation - Praise

Following in the Footsteps of John of the Cross


288 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861715268

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Christian Insight Meditation is intended to give meditators a greater familiarity with the spiritual theology of St. John of the Cross and draws out points of convergence with Theravadan Buddhism. The authors are qualified to speak to both traditions [and] their writing is informed and sensitive, and valuable for both Buddhist and Christian meditators. It is logically presented, each section building on the previous one, and the entire book is written in a way that makes it accessible to beginners and proficients alike. [ . . . ] This book would be a worthwhile addition to the library of every parish and retreat center, religious community, and meditator. It is not a book that you will read once and consign to the shelf, but one that will be a guide as you grow in the practice of insight meditation.”—Monastic Interreligious Dialogue

“A wonderfully clear explanation and a very practical guide.”—Tom West, O.F.M., Ph.D., Associate Prof. of Pastoral Theology, The Franciscan School of Theology, Berkeley, CA.

“This book lucidly shows us how much Christian insight meditation supports the purifying path to God and self-knowledge taught by the great Carmelite Christian contemplatives, John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila. Such detailed and practical wisdom, steeped in both personal experience and classical Christian and Buddhist spiritual writings, can be of great help to the serious meditator. I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking a serious, contemplatively oriented meditation practice aimed at a truer, freer life available to God’s grace moment by moment.”—Tilden Edwards, Founder and Senior Fellow, Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation

“The author’s perspective is pastoral and practical, primarily for skeptical Christians, and their message is clear: the simple Buddhist practice of contemplation is compatible with Christian prayer, and Christians who apply themselves to it will discover the benefits of inner peace and healing. Students of Buddhist-Christian dialogue will find this essential reading.”—Inquiring Mind

Christian Insight Meditation may have found the way for many Christians to take advantage of Eastern meditative practice in a meaningful way with an undiluted Christian awareness.”—Arkansas Democrat Gazette