Business and the Buddha - Table of Contents

Doing Well by Doing Good


323 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861715442

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Foreword by the Dalai Lama
Preface by Master Hsing Yun         
Introduction: If the Buddha Were in the Boardroom      

Section 1: Symptom: Acknowledging  the  Problem   

Chapter 1: The Three Poisons: What’s Free about Free Enterprise?    
Chapter 2: Business Beyond Profit: A Vision for the Future       

Section 2: Diagnosis: The Economics of Spirituality  

Chapter 3: What about Adam Smith?        
Chapter 4: The Growth Fetish: Who Says Size Matters?  
Chapter 5: Everything’s Local in the Global Economy     

Section 3: Prognosis: The Middle Way to a Healthy Organization   

Chapter 6: Buddhist Building Blocks: Dharma, Karma, and the Four Noble Truths    
Chapter 7: Eight Is Enough: The Guiding Principles of the Noble Eightfold Path        
Chapter 8: What Price the Buddha?: Buddhism, Economics, and the Interconnected World
Chapter 9: Moving Beyond the Bottom Line: Buddhist Ethics and Business    
Chapter 10: The Healthy Organization     

Section 4: Prescription: Walking the Path        

Chapter 11: Measuring Success: The  Transition  to  Compassion         
Chapter 12: Invite the Buddha to Your Board Meeting Changing Your World, Your Workplace, and Yourself


Appendix I: Summary of Suggestions for Initiating Positive Changes within Our Organizations
Appendix II: Exercises for Individual Inquiry      
Appendix III: The Practice: Mindfulness of Breathing with Relaxation

Glossary of Buddhist Terms            
Further Reading       
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