Business and the Buddha - Preface

Doing Well by Doing Good


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Even though Buddhism and modern business enterprises may seem to belong to different scopes, ultimately they are still part of the same whole, and certain similar principles can apply. A successful entrepreneur must not only possess professional knowledge and strong work ethics, he or she must have the aspiration and spirit to establish new undertakings. To ensure a successful business, one must winnow truth from falsehood and be consistent in words and deeds. And one must have unswerving determination and be down to earth—only then will one be able to actualize one’s goals in any sphere.

The ideal in Buddhism is to contribute without asking for rewards; in all activities, the Buddhist intention is to benefit all beings. Based on the wisdom of the Buddha’s teaching and the spirit of selfless contribution, Buddhists are able to repay the society by creating enterprises that benefit all. If business enterprises can put aside the profit-only mentality and learn from Buddhist entrepreneurial spirit, they too will attain greater achievements and become more able to make greater contributions to the betterment of society.

Dr. Field holds a Ph.D. in Human Resource Management and has been a business consultant for more than thirty years. Senior entrepreneurs respect him for his valuable insight and contributions made to human resource management. In this book, Dr. Field uses the Four Noble Truths to analyze and reflect on the workings of the economic system. He also shows us the way to apply the Buddha’s message of joyfulness to the business community and help us work toward a happier family, career, and life.

This coincides with the ideal of Humanistic Buddhism that I advocate. Humanistic Buddhism teaches the application of a transcendental spirit to handle mundane affairs; we pay special attention to the happiness and well-being of people in this present life, and in our daily lives.

Dr. Field visits the International Buddhist Progress Society in Toronto regularly to discuss the Buddha’s teachings. It is indeed rare that one is able to apply Buddhist theories on everyday practice; such an equal emphasis as Dr. Field offers is commendable. Thus, I joyfully pen this preface.

Venerable Master Hsing Yun
Founder, Fo Guang Shan
Buddha’s Light International Association


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