Buddhist Ethics - Praise



200 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861711246

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ISBN 9780861718078

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“A guide for Westerners to the contemporary moral implications of traditional Buddhist precepts. This classic text, by the late Ven. Dr. Saddhatissa, a revered Sri Lankan monk and scholar, examines notions of ethics in both Eastern and Western traditions and includes advice on how best to follow the Buddha way.”—Tricycle

This work on Buddhist ethics is really an analysis of the fundamental principles of Buddhism. It is a work of solid scholarship that carefully considers the most basic teachings of Buddhism... In summary, this is a book that can be recommended to all students of Buddhism and ethics, both beginning and advanced, because of its accessibility, timeliness, and sound scholarship.—Philosophy East & West

“This classic volume of Buddhist commentary...stands out for its depth, clarity, and compassionate intent... offers clear and practical advice on how best to live the moral life of a lay Buddhist practitoner in harmony with the world.”—The Beacon