Buddhist Care for the Dying and Bereaved - Table of Contents



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Jonathan S. Watts     

JAPAN: Challenges of Caring for the Aging and Dying
Carl B. Becker           

JAPAN:  Tear Down the Wall: Bridging the Premortem and Postmortem Worlds in Medical and Spiritual Care
Yoshiharu Tomatsu

JAPAN: “True Regard”: Shifting to the Patient’s Standpoint of Suffering in a Buddhist Hospital
Moichiro Hayashi     

JAPAN: The Vihara Movement: Buddhist Chaplaincy and Social Welfare
Yozo Taniyama         

USA/JAPAN:  One Dies as One Lives: The Importance of Developing Pastoral Care Services and Religious Education
Mari Sengoku           

TAIWAN: The Development of Indigenous Hospice Care and Clinical Buddhism
Jonathan S. Watts and Yoshiharu Tomatsu          

THAILAND: The Seven Factors of a Peaceful Death: A Theravada Buddhist Approach to Dying
Phaisan Visalo          

CAMBODIA:   Actualizing Understanding: Compassion, AIDS, Death, and Dying among the Poor
Beth Kanji Goldring 

UNITED KINGDOM:  The Birth of a New Culture of Active Dying: The Role of Buddhism in Practices and Attitudes Toward Death
Caroline Prasada Brazier    

GERMANY:  Buddhist Influences on the Scientific, Medical, and Spiritual Cultures of Caring for the Dying
Jonathan S. Watts and Yoshiharu Tomatsu          

USA: Being with Dying: The Upaya Institute Contemplative End-of-Life Training Program
Joan Jiko Halifax       

USA: Zen Approaches to Terminal Care and Buddhist Chaplaincy Training
Jonathan S. Watts and Yoshiharu Tomatsu          

USA: “Listening to the Dharma”: Integrating Buddhism into a Multifaith Health Care Environment
Julie Chijo Hanada   

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