Buddhism (Paperback) - Praise

One Teacher, Many Traditions

Now in paperback! Explore with the Dalai Lama the common ground underlying the diverse traditions of Buddhism.



352 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9781614293927

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ISBN 9781614291510

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“This book will reward those who study it carefully with a deep and wide understanding of the way these traditions have mapped their respective visions of the path to enlightenment.”—Bhikkhu Bodhi, translator of In the Buddha’s Words

“I highly recommend this volume for everyone seeking a more global understanding of the many traditions of Buddhism, all inspired by the one Teacher, Buddha Shakyamuni.”—B. Alan Wallace, author of The Attention Revolution

“His Holiness and Thubten Chodron, with exception care and attention, have created a book that is at once compelling and wise.”—Jon Kabat-Zinn, author of Full Catastrophe Living

The spirit of respect and harmony expressed in this excellent book is inspiring.”—Sharon Salzberg, author of Real Happiness

“A precious gift to all who love the Dharma.”—Tulku Thondup, coauthor of Boundless Healing

“Providing us an opportunity for deep contemplation, Buddhism opens us to the wholeness envisioned by the Buddha for all.”—Larry Rosenberg, author of Breath by Breath

“Beautiful.”—Eastern Horizon

An excellent primer on the essentials of Buddhism.”—Spirituality & Practice

“A substantial advance in intra-Buddhist conversation. The volume is an evenhanded treatment of what the authors describe as two main traditions, Pali Buddhism and Sanskrit Buddhism, with the latter indicating the two main branches of the Mahāyāna, the East Asian traditions on the one side and the Tibetan Vajrayāna on the other. The volume will be valuable for Buddhist practitioners and undergraduate classrooms for its clear and sympathetic account of Buddhist teachings.”—M. Heim, Amherst College in Choice

Second Place winner of General, Non-Illustrated Trade book at the 58th Annual New England Book Show