Buddhism of the Heart - Table of Contents

Reflections on Shin Buddhism and Inner Togetherness


264 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861715831

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Introduction: Buddhism of the Heart        

Amida’s Birth, Our Birth      
Amida’s Nembutsu
Once Upon a Time
Appreciating the Furniture
Inner Togetherness
Offering Incense      
Mindfulness of the Land of Bliss    
Fear of Falling           
Trusting the Dharma          
A Universe of White Ashes  
Playing in Someone Else’s Backyard
Buddha-Nature, Scorpion-Nature  
Hard-Assed and Sore-Throated Buddhists           
Our Debt to the Foundresses of Jodo Shinshu     
Incomplete Nembutsu, Open-Ended Gratitude    
Shin without Amida 
Common Destination           
All Beings Have Bush-Nature          
Amida Is Foolish Too
Deep Hearing           
Flowers of the Pure Land    
A Parcel of Vain Strivings    
Whatever Land, Whatever Body
All Wars Are World Wars    
The Tip of the Iceberg         
From Sincerity to Compassion
Receiving the Gift
Two Aspects of Amida
Reconstituting the Sangha
Gratitude for Food   
Buddhism Is Bullsh*t
Preferences, Prejudices, and Mistakes in the Narrative of “Americanized” Shin         
Floating Downriver  
The Essence of Shin Buddhism
Appreciating the Sutras      
Nembutsu: Not for Parents 
The Dharma of Johnny Cash          
Dirty Jobs      
Hitler’s Buddha-Nature       
Amida’s Emancipation Proclamation         
In the Pot      
Namu Death
Thanksgiving Service          
Just As We Are
Death Wish
Permanent Defeat   
Bittersweet Buddhism         
Awakening the Buddha Without    
Shin Conflict Resolution      
Grateful for Suffering?        
He with Horns Is Self           
Sinking into the Vow            
Trustingly We Cry    
Buddhism, Addiction, and Twelve Steps   
Just Trusting
Literal and Metaphorical     
Vegas Memorial        
Meat and Eating Disorders
False Impression      
Rebirth vs. No-Self   
Off the Wagon          
Relationships Are the Realm of Awakening          
Hearing and Listening         
Scattered Nenju       
Form and Content    
Just Existing  
Changing and Sharing         
What Have You Done Now?            
Green Rice
Always Present, Always Hidden     
Buddhist Dancing    

Glossary of Terms    
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